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So we. Condo. And we'll get at least a million dollars from providence for twenty teen Susan Campbell. From eyewitness news and new legislation attempting to address the issue of panhandling is being introduced in Rhode Island. So they've Brit busy trying to drain the sausage up there and Smith hill state Representative Charlene Lima. Introducing this Bill last week says drivers can't pass any items to an individual while the motor vehicle is in an active lane of travel, or they're gonna get fined ACLU of Rhode Island says it's encouraging people to attend to hearing on that Bill scheduled for tomorrow and speak out against a measure that it considers to be unconstitutional will people. It's it's rather unsafe with panhandlers. Trying to get a few bucks from cars that are on the move. But I'm sure if this piece of legislation goes through how do you enforce this stuff? I mean, I still see people talking on their hand held cell phones constantly, of course, that is supposedly against the law here in the state now, Amanda milk of bits in the Providence Journal reports a third person now. Accused of stealing a gun from a Boston police officer while he was at a hotel with two prostitutes in Pawtucket over the weekend. Kyle Benford of providence arrested Saturday charged with stealing the service weapon from Boston police officer, Emmanuel brand does car Binford also charged with conspiring with the two women in the fact, Melissa dossier, providence Niyaz Rivera Pawtucket who said that the officer paid them twenty five hundred dollars for sex. They were arrested hours after they in the gun disappeared back on February the second. Now this forty caliber Glock twenty two was found that afternoon wrapped in a WalMart bag and stuffed in a mail slot at the Hartford avenue fire station in providence. In fact, one of the women led cops to that gun. Boston officer is on administrative leave with pay while the incident investigated, by internal affairs there Boston police have not identified him, although Brent Deo is named in police and court records. Now, the theft brindell service weapon may have stemmed from an argument between the women. Benford at the Hampton inn in Pawtucket. That's according to the police court reports after a night out drinking at a hookah bar in visiting a strip club Brindeiro and the two women went to the hotel. According to the police records productive police say that Benford was in the elevator with them and apparently got into an argument. So Brindeiro till the cops that he broke up the argument. One of the women said that this guy announced that he was a cop and had a gun in his car. According again to police records, he did well until he didn't Ferndale till the police that he had locked the gun in the glove box of his BMW, securing it with the cable lock when he and the women went to the Cadillac lounge earlier that night, according to police Rendell left the keys to the cable lock in the Cup holder though. Oh, and at the hotel, he gave his car keys to dossier, one of the two women to retrieve his phone charger. So it could use a phone app and pay them for sex. The police believed that the Benford went to the car that with dossier and he stole the gun. Police didn't say what. Relationship Benford may have with this with these two women Benford, by the way has a criminal record with multiple charges of driving without a license. So the story gets even more bizarre third person charged in the theft of the Boston cops gone over the line in Fall River a man who actually cooked his teeth fillings for cash suffers mercury poisoning. Here's a bizarre one from Sam Reed NBC ten hopefully, he will completely pull through this. I know he's going to be devastated. When he does realize everything that's happened due to, you know, an accident this hotel, these clothes are the only thing that this woman who didn't want to be on camera have left, according to this woman on January twenty fifth her boyfriend took a bag of unused dental fillings that he had received from his grandfather who was a dentist and attempted to melt them on the stove to get silver to them sell for cash. He was bored at home. We were having trouble with transportation. We did lose our truck, and we needed another vehicle after the experiment. The very next day. She says their dog died, and then her boyfriend started acting strange when he was just using a water bottle thinking it was his cell phone. Trying to play a game on it on Monday. She says he went into the hospital and was originally treated for Monja within a week. She says her three cats died. So she went looking for an explanation spoke with sister. I told her what he did. And she's like there's no such thing as liquid sober that it had to bend. Mercury. This woman said she told the hospital and made multiple phone calls looking for resources to help. She also called her landlord and told her I think we have something in that house. I don't know what it is. It could be mercury within the week. She says her three cats have also died Saturday has Matt crews were brought into our apartment building. Which is now deemed unsafe. She says she feels awful for everyone affected. We.

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