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All right. So the media have decided to defend Ralph north shock shock shock because he's a democrat Mesler this works and. So here is the headline. I kid you not from the Washington Post Virginia governor north I'm faces fierce conservative backlash over abortion Bill and the backlash isn't over the abortion, Bill alone. The backlash is over his comments in which she appears to justify infanticide saying this is a case where the baby is born. And then the parents decide together with the doctor the babies being kept comfortable, MRs euthanasia, right? The baby is being kept comfortable. And then they go in the other room, they decide whether or not they actually want to keep that baby alive or not. This is dark dark stuff. But it turns immediately for the media into conservatives pounds conservative towns. Yes, conservatives are pouncing on Ralph northern just the way radical Democrats are pouncing on a baby in the middle of dilation. If only we weren't as vicious as the Democrats just just insane. Justin sane again. I'm not even sure that north comments are significantly worse than Kathy trans comments, which are being completely ignored today. Because northern went over the top and started defending after birth killing of of the on board. But now they've been bored. So after birth telling the baby's Kathy trend defending the killing of the unborn like as they come out of the womb is just as incredible. But it just demonstrates the utter callousness toward human life the willingness to dehumanize the unborn. And apparently, even the board in the name of feminism, really really astonishing stuff the second. I'm no explain how unfortunately this movement is creeping across the country for Democrats safe legal, and rare is no longer a thing. We'll get to that. In just second. First. Let's talk about the holiday season. The fact that Valentine's Day is coming up here going to be sending packages to friends and family this year your business requires you to send things with postage. Well, schlep all that stuff down on the post office. Probably.

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