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A lot of extra memory so i'd say minimum sixteen gigs and you'd be better off with twenty four thirty two i'd say let's shoot for thirty two that's a lot of ram and by the way most laptops you can't get that high in another that's another read other argument furnace town i also now there's an interesting question of which is more important the cpu the intel chip or the gpu the invidia or a md eighty eyes chip in there the radio and it and it with both photoshop and premier they use a combination of both in most cases you will only used to cores at a time of the sea of the you don't need to go crazy with a sixteen core cpu i i think that's overkill but in other words you don't need is eon you probably be just fine with that i fiver and i seven i don't generally recommend i sevens in laptops situations because they're thermally constrained they can't run at full speed is there's too hot but on a desktop you can so probably you're going to look at it i seven that will be a at the probably a quad core with eight threads that's more than enough for anything you're going to be doing okay uh and then you might want to get a gpu not every function but some of the functions of light room photoshop and premier will use the gpu i think chiefly for things like gas he in blurs and trans coding the jeep you can come in handy now you into nine becky dealt a couple of those many years ago but nowadays i would be more to looking at purchasing them in buildings there is no advantage to building it and there's many disadvantages you don't save money the only vantage is you get exactly what you want and nowadays you can spec most computers at directly with or h pierre the lenovo uh and and you you know a little bit about how was put together the disadvantages who you're gonna call if you have a problem if you build a yourself you are the one you call that's not libya furnace right so i would say certainly i would look adel of their uninspiring but they they work quite well don't turn your back on gaming machines there are some very powerful gaming machines out there i just bought an a sousse ouro g.

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