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Harvey Weinstein will happy to take your calls or anything on the seller a Mike in new Hyde Park hello there Mike well I guess I'm getting boring at this point but I just want to say it so that each of the regions so echo lactic and you always make these great choices I can't wait for you to go prime time each day with great interview and I have an idea about your cat well let's hear all and make it very warm hi and put it in the in the carrier and sprinkle a little tight in the you know what we've tried stuff like that before I don't know if we've tried that specific strategy a hot towel and catnip in the Kerry to kind of trapped him in there I mean you can go relax because he's in there with Chad Neptune drugs which adds but I don't know I I have to catch the ball from the street I took the men off the streets and they are completely domesticated now and I mean that that's got worse from there well I will suggest that to my wife she's probably listening now anyway thank you Mike eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine Bobby in Staten Island hello buddy a bill for I don't understand violence okay what would you would you email or text me his name it makes it makes house calls he's got a of mini Winnebago like any pulls up to your house thanks to get you can take the cat out you will go in the local yeah well that but we can't get him so we are we're an apartment building there's no way we can get him out of the apartment in this carrier when when when my wife moved in with me about two years ago it took literally a month of trying to get him in the carrier you know before she finally was able to get it it was only able to get him out of it get a man well when all of the other furniture was out of our out of her apartment that she could that he couldn't hide behind so what will this vet that you're recommending actually come in our apartment and and deal with him inside the apartment yes all right okay so I'm you wanna give me his name now do you want to send it to me privately what was the second major script Dr seven one eight five six hello three zero one good I will I will I will will we will definitely call him Bobby thank you and I gotta say one other thing these kids these days don't understand about socialism that was an actual socialism grandpa's for like do not use them as well yeah well you know what then thanks for the call by look I'm not a socialist at all and I think a lot of Bernie Sanders program would be deleterious to the country but two things one I mean what the **** did call themselves national socialists a if you look at what they were doing it was not a traditional socialist program it was an authoritarian a totalitarian regime based on hate I mean they weren't all about things like universal healthcare and college loan forgiveness it in terms of the one point that I thought Bernie Sanders made during the debate which he's right on the money and again I'm not voting for Bernie but there are a lot of what he says that I like and one point that he made that I thought was right on the money is we do have socialism but we have socialism for corporations right we have a situation where if you or if you run a small business what does the government do it lets you fail and it lets you your view of your house get get claimed by the back when you can't pay your mortgage L. as you can start I mean they'll give you some basic subsistence so that they don't literally starve but they don't really care about you if you're a failure as a small business there are small businesses that that fail every single day in New York may maybe every single week certainly and the government does nothing to keep them busy but if you're a giant multinational corporation like Amazon would you pay in taxes you pay zero what do you get if you in subsidies from the government well it's substantial and then what happens if your a big bank or a big auto company that fails what is the government to bail you out the taxpayers they bail out all these corporations that are too big to fail so we've essentially socialized risk and privatize reward because I can promise you that the people who are running these companies these bailed out banks for instance they're doing pretty well L. their bank their businesses may have failed but I guarantee you they still have something resembling an Olympic size swimming pool in their house so I don't are you really have to question people right if you want to be Bernie Sanders I think it's not enough to just say he's a socialist it's not enough because the sting of that socialism label isn't what it was in the height of the red scare that's my two cents eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine E. Frank very quickly only have about a minute here what's on your mind sure just we're talk about the pardons of president Donald Trump I I I I I I feel that they were inappropriate to a certain point because you know these individuals like Bernard Kerik the stocking and the other people that he pardoned they they really didn't deserve I think maybe he did because he felt that the pressure for the was a cruel and unusual under constitutional law I love Frank I don't even get a pardon for harassing a Canadian naturalized citizens and the knights of Columbus after that I was arrested for years ago four years ago years ago for doing something like that I'm not dismissed and sealed on the queen's comfy clothes print club so I think I don't understand why don't we it is time pardon these guys well first of all I was all for the pardons not just not just the high profile ones like you know Bernie Kerik and rob McCoy of age but people like you know Clinton the rants who was imprisoned for nineteen years and it was at people like you know F. and others who have their sentences commuted for some nonviolent drug crimes like crystal Munich Unioto's who was in prison for fifteen years eight months for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a thousand or more kilograms of marijuana second with Richard Stratton last hour he was in prison for eight years for nonviolent drug offense here crystal move new neos was imprisoned for double that time I'm all forcing her out of prison or you know attorneys hall who is in prison for twenty years eight months for a nonviolent drug crime now if that's what the president wants to let out of prison I'm all for that in terms of Bernie Kerik I happen to think he was totally railroaded a you talk about weather was not paying taxes on his apartment renovations or whether it was not paying taxes on his nanny when he was and then lying about it when he was nominated for homeland security secretary I don't think there's any value to society at all in putting someone like that in prison because he he's not a danger to the community all you do is your then now paying to house him in prison you are now I mean Bernie was actually out of prison for several years and your no longer getting tax revenue on the money he would have been earning a I mean I don't see at all what the value is for putting something like that in prison it's clear to me in Carrick's case that his prosecution was politically motivated in the case of a boy image yeah he committed a crime a serious crime but was it really worthy of being in prison for a decade so he talked about selling ascendancy and by the way he talked about it in the kind of language that I hear politicians use on a daily basis did he sell the Senate seat now so he talked about selling insanity is that worthy of being in prison for eight years I don't think so I'm all for that that computation but you're free to disagree eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine I'll say a little bit about banking a second we'll be right back more weather wisdom in just a moment with more on on a a nine seventy the answer all right well speaking of small business which I just was when we were talking about the small business versus big business situation I am obsessed with New York City small business owners because if you listen to anybody that grew up here in New York nobody talks about.

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