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Documents because they're? Yeah. They have access to every day. Yeah. So yeah, they still all that. They were like we're gonna drop it. We're gonna sell it. And just the, you know, went back to work, you know. Kind of sorry. What I was what I meant to say earlier not saying that the police don't have a comment necessarily because I do know that, you know, people across the board in terms of the police department Trump, all these other people are really pissed off at the at this point. But it was just more. So like in terms of like throwing evidence like how they were initially with the case in terms of like, oh, he was this. And this text message has been released and the brothers. And this is what they said. And these are their statements like all of that has kind of ceased I feel like and there's not as much quote unquote evidence being released anymore now that he has gotten the charges dropped I still haven't seen any concrete evidence of really anything leading to either side because I feel like everything that they've given the public has been debunked. They did where you say everything by the public. What's been debunked with the brothers? They basically were saying that the text messages between them really was for like, a workout and a meal plan. So it wasn't like him paying them off for, you know, buying the stuff or whatever that's what they're saying. We don't know proof of that. There's no proof. The brothers. Did this? The brothers was still saying that they were hired to beat him up. I saw. They thought they were hired to beat him up to y'all. But then I know what Sophie about I did see that as well. And they actually said that they were they were hired to train them that never that was all a lie hurt. Just these camps said that I didn't hear the brothers cooperate that I thought that. That's what they said is. Well, maybe I missed something. Yeah. But I mean, either way whoever was whoever was looking over that information between the text messages and stuff was able to confirm that either in his tax or like, his notes apper something like that. There was a meal plan to go along with the amount of money that he had paid them at that time. So they correlated the to like, okay. Well, this can't be for this because this is clearly towards the payment of you know, what I'm saying a meal plan or whatever type of kit. So I I don't know. And I saw no I was just gonna say. And then I saw another thing. I saw was that the the state has something pending on that police department. What do you mean they had it had a case pending on them about what happened with this whole situation? The investigation open about the leaks. Yes that that happened. But I think that was just about that thing not about what the prosecution was going in also saw that. I mean, this is just that we've seen we've seen like that. They had to actual people in custody something like that anybody that whoever attacked them. They had custody aren't that too? Yeah. But yeah, I I just remember like. Sorry. I lost my train. I'm sorry. I lost. My I heard this was of course, a rumor, obviously, but they're theorising that the whole thing was really Jesse was meeting up with a prominent government figure who's also gay and that and something happened there. And that's why this whole story was cooked up. But then the government figure was like well shit, just drop everything. And let's move on. What would that look? Hey. This is what I saw yesterday. I don't know. Just as bad as on Twitter. It was a link to an article that somebody had written saying that. That's why everything is getting dropped. He was really meeting up with this person, and they had a spat or something and then just cooked up the story that he was beat up by these guys and all this shit. Interesting teams like a stretch. What I was gonna say. A big reason I thought I saw or heard allegedly that the charges were dropped was because of the interference of public opinion on. Quote, unquote open investigation. They can't drop taste without. Dropped charges for that. Because of the because of public opinion have an opinion on open case public now. Well, in terms of them like publicizing as much evidence Dolly might of. Yeah. In terms of the leaks and stuff like that. I think that was a big reason that kind of made them have like some away on their getting getting off the way that the police department handled it. Yeah. So Kim, this is what she wrote in response to everything. Because obviously, they're they are under fire. So Cam FOX, she's the the the security prosecutor, thank you. So this was in op that she wrote in response to then open invitation, she said indeterminate whether or not to pursue charges. Prosecutors required to balance the severity of the crime against the likelihood of securing a conviction for variety of reasons. Going back to what you're saying so fee, including public statements made by the evidence. In this case, my office believe the likelihood of security commission was not certain in the interest of full transparency. Our prefer these records to be made public hover in this case. Illinois law allows defendants in certain circumstances to request a public records main sealed smaller choose to pursue that avenue and some office in Bard is barred from releasing those records without his approval. Another key factor is that the crime here was a class four felony the least serious category, which also cover things like falsely pulling a fire alarm at school and draft card mutilation. These felonies are routinely resolved particularly cases involving suspects. No prior criminal record long before case, even near the courtroom and often without either jail

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