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Know sabrina lovey sabrina glove yossi barbara so sending some love to both of you but wanted to to just check because you know i work with seniors and veterans uh with bill paying and some of the trends you know a lot of my see you just don't wanna use um uh electronics or you technology that type of thing it's pretty scary it's so new um but i am hearing that there might be some really great things that are coming down the pike and i guess i just wanted to to hear your thoughts about that it's an excellent question i think here's here's an example uh maybe doubt senior citizen but uh uh jenneh's dad is doing us axel and your taxes get done online you can get paid performs and and he's done that in the past but it's easier faster you get your money money sooner by failing things on online and what he's done is he's you know had to work or somebody else who is more comfortable with computer and you know i almost think that there is a there's a a service or layer of people that uh that could provide those services and act assertive a berry because you've got people who are interested in getting jobs in tech you've got people who are not interested in using tech and so maybe there's a layer and there of of service jobs that we can develop that can help people you know obviously i probably sensitive information and whatnot but right i think uh a financial advisers at cetera but for technology i think that's probably the direction that things are going i think.

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