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As really was the case for the rest of New England, the most common type of attack was a quick ambush style, hit and run. The fighting in Maine was largely carried out by the Abachi tribe who lived up in the region. Again much as we see elsewhere, they would often attack a house or to kill a few English cause general havoc, and then burn the houses in the crops before retreating back into the safety of the forest. The most notable battle to Kareem, took place at these small trading post known as Arrow sick. Ariza was described as being armed though not a traditional fort. Either way seen as something of a safe haven for the English in the region the. You, tribe however had other ideas. The English wanting to make sure that the coast was clear obviously employed the use of centuries just to keep a lookout. The problem however is that the guy the colonists pick on the morning of August fourteenth sixteenth seventy six did a really bad job at this. The. Found the century on his regular patrol. Rather than ambushing and killing him as would fit the narrative of the war the he instead followed him. They followed him around on his patrol and they literally walked into the trading post behind the apparently oblivious century. Evidence suggests that nobody locked or even close the door behind the century as the Nike Warriors strolled run into the trading post. I don't care how great your fortification is. If you forget to lock the front door and the enemy just walks right on in, you're probably not going to have very good day. The colonists inside indeed had a very bad day. Once inside the post, the avenue he attacked killing several of the colonists inside. Well numerous men would escape windows. It was clearly a bad look for the Communists who had just lost the closest thing that they had to afford. The banenky were never going to be able to hold the trading post nor did they make any attempt to? Within a few months, the English were back in control of the post though it was unquestionably a humiliating loss. While the war in, Maine would never really reach the same fever pitch that it did down in the south it would also drag on for significantly longer. As the war did Drago on North Amend against saw the situation to his benefit. He observed that the war was still going on in Maine and decided that he would try to salvage eventual partnership by offering asylum to the Indians fighting up there. Andras luckily view the Abbot. Potentially. Powerful ally once the war ended and saw opportunity to grab a.

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