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Career for lavar arrington and lavar case. After the fact it would have been having a rich melot career would have been a hell of a lot better but right now for jamie davis if his career ends up mirroring rich melodic. It would be a disappointment. I don't think the super bowl rings with the at this point or those. I wouldn't i wouldn't want to ignore those two super bowl games. But as a first round pick if his career includes ninety one started games without any sort of pro bowl bullish kind of you know career or any sort of you know real accolades. Rich melot was a decent player. Good player times not a pro bowl player. Never thought of as a pro bowl player. I think right now. The expectations are when you get pick nineteenth overall. They got something there that he can develop into a really good linebacker all pro pro bowl kind of linebacker for we done see. That's not yet. I am getting it and if you tell you if you tell me that. His co. in seventy in seven years if he had fourteen injuries and was only able to play eighty games. I'd say you know what in hindsight it would have been. you know. Escorted considered himself fortunate to have a rich melot career. I'm saying right now. He he doesn't need to be lucky to have rich melodic career rest in peace rich imola. Oh i think he does. And i enjoyed the i. Can't i can't wait to come talk if you zoom and give your class some gambling discussion in advice. I.

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