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They're talking about the periodic table and then they periodically put this out. Wait so as this one been out before. Wow so instead of okay okay. I should have got that. Seasonal periodic was good. See what they're doing Yeah i dunno. Loopier the researcher. God make me check out their homepage. So mike i. I gotta ask you Recently you guys got your account. we did. Yeah on instagram. The hell do that. I have no idea. I wish i knew Basically one saturday night. We were both of us. Were on and then hit the buddhist off toews log in and then it did not work out awfully theory lieu. Don't you look oh. Yeah we're we're just saying that. Maybe you had some explicit content unintentionally in the background like the I was thinking if you were maybe doing shoot around. The ferries during the time that those masks signs came out with the penis ear. Oh maybe that was in the background and flagged by an algorithm. And next thing you know all your files or deleted and your phone contract suspended and there's at your door. I mean it wouldn't be the first time. The bbc fairy screwed somebody over. Oh yeah you gotta take it up with them and they got like really got to compensate you guys right. I'm almost certain it was this. But that's weird can access it and you can get any of the content out to dispute. It did a bunch of things and if not gotten back to us over locked out indefinitely. That's weird i mean. Come on instagram. At least tell me what i did. I say that's because i mean like you guys have obviously put a ton of time and effort into building up an account in like. I mean you've got all the content photos obviously like backed up somewhere else but i mean the brand that you guys built through that account and connections. You've made and they just out in order to do that like it's pretty whack. We've had other friends too. That have got it flagged and it's just weird that like they don't even give a rationale for right. It seems like it's maybe just algorithm based. But.

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