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To talk politics in pandemic questions can a right leaning Republican other than Governor Baker win in Massachusetts? And what are your concerns about the delta variant? Is it changing your personal pandemic equation? 1 804 to 38255. That's 1 804 to 3 talk to join the conversation. Tom Nichols. What do you make of Jeff deals entrance into the governor's race here in the Commonwealth? Well, I had to laugh because in my misspent youth when I worked in the State House, I was a registered Republican working for a Democrat. Who was then the chairman of Congress and labor, and you know the idea that you could have this like vibrant Republican competition about which Republican is going to run Massachusetts. Um you know that That's the kind of thing that over drinks at the Golden Dome Republican staffers would fantasize about but isn't really true. Mean, Charlie Baker is kind of a unicorn. Um, he is pretty unique and the idea that some kind of standard issue Republican um, could just take over that that slot because because there's some idea that Republicans can win in Massachusetts. Um, I think it's probably pretty unrealistic and it goes back. Actually, the conversation we had earlier about his Massachusetts or his New England different New England Republicans are different, and Charlie Baker is one of the most different. Of the New England Republicans. So Renee Jeff deal is running, critiquing Charlie Baker as a manager. Actually, I would argue, baby, all of the current gubernatorial gubernatorial candidates are critiquing Charlie Baker as a manager manager on our air he advocated to and enhanced unemployment wants a different use of tax surplus talks about Smalls business. These are bread and butter issues. I want to just have you here a little bit about him on unemployment expansion. I think right now is the time to do that. We've got more jobs than I think people that are looking for work at this point, So certainly the time I think to move people from the rolls back into the workforce. I think it's going to make for obviously less demand on the unemployment fund. It's going to also obviously give people I think a better sense of satisfaction going back to work, and we can collect tax revenue off of the work that they're doing. So is it multiple benefits to getting everybody back to work? And I'm sorry. That was a sloppy throw. I meant ending expanded or extended unemployment. So can he, Renee as somebody who's been solely tied so tied to Donald Trump 2016 campaign manager here in their campaign chair? Excuse me here in in the Commonwealth. Have a substantive policy conversation, or is there just too much trump in the air for him? I think there is just too much trump in the air. I I You know, I I don't see how Jeff deal campaigns without having to answer the question on where he stands on the big lie. He is an ardent trump supporter. He needs to answer where he stands on voting rights. Even though those issues aren't hitting Massachusetts. You don't have to be in Massachusetts to be concerned about what's happening with voter suppression in many other states. So in my mind, at least Donald Trump is an albatross for Jeff Deal, but he's not going to disconnect from him because he feels in some kind of way. There will be enough people in the state that you know that Trump and Trumpism will appeal to that He could somehow be Charlie Baker. Charlie Baker runs again. I You know, I agree with Tom. I simply don't see another Republican. Beating Charlie Baker. Not it not in this state, and I'm no Charlie Baker fan, but I simply don't see that happening if it and if it happens, it's not going to be Jeff deal. Do you listeners 1 804 to 38255 to join this conversation? Renee, I'm going to stay with you for a second because I asked deal straight up. Is Joe Biden, the democratically elected president of the United States. And he said yes, and then I said, So. Is there a concern with having a national party chair on the Republican side or a national Party head? Excuse me. In Donald Trump, who maintains that it wasn't It was a corrupt election in that Joe Biden isn't the democratically elected president, and they're his answer was well, lots of people said Trump wasn't either in 2016. So on the one hand you do have him answering about the big lion and the other. You have this hedging. What would it take for you to feel that deal had addressed the big like question head on? I think he needs to say not just that Joe Biden won but that there was no voter fraud and if there was no voter fraud, and there is no reason for all these voter suppression bills popping up around the country, and that this is all being bred by Donald Trump. There's really no other way around them. I think it's great. The acknowledges that President Joe Biden is the president. Okay? But he needs to go for than that, And he has to disavow what Donald Trump is saying. But if he wants Trump's support, he's never going to do that. So he's going to try to have it both ways, which, frankly, is kind of cheap in my mind. You know, you don't get to say, Well, he's the president. But now there's there's no but that's where it ends. And you have to simply disavow what Donald Trump has been espousing now for the last eight months. And I do want to say, and we played this at the top of the show. When I asked him if he would support Trump again. He he didn't give a direct answer, he said. You know, I want to see if he's going to run. So Tom Nichols, I'm going to turn to you here..

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