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Left. The wouldn't have left the NBA. Yeah no you know what Rick. That's sounds familiar. Not that I had your career but I played fifteen years and we left the NFL. And I could have went right into coaching or doing something else in it. I said I need a break from it and I took too long off. Trying to get back in for me has been way too difficult. I totally understand that Iraq going back to your days as hurricane. Give me the Mount Rushmore of Hurricane. Sports you can include himself. Well no they had some great players. They've had a number of guys who become hall of fame players. I was just on the phone last night. Actually with Michael. Irvin and you know. Ted Hendricks was a buddy of mine. I mean they've had some great players especially in football Alex Rodriguez. I was down there from that mistaken. University of Miami Baseball Had some great swimmers. Ill some Olympians. So there's been a lot of great athletes down there. I don't think anybody is done anything. Really Basketball No one else is really done much coming out. This few guys wind up going on and making it into the NBA but You know the guy who was the big guy. When I was there from forty niners you might remember him. Because George Myra who left the University of Miami played in played for played for the forty niners so there are a number of number of guys that were there. But you know all that stuff is meeting. Everything of that is subjective. Might thing is all I know is I went out and I played as hard as I can play in every game I ever played. I can honestly say that. There's only one quarter of one game ever played that I wasn't mentally ready to play that it was just a quarter of one game during the season. One time I had some things personally in my life and I was so mad at myself because I usually. I have the capacity or not but the ability to to compartmentalize things. A lot of people. Don't have the ability to do that. You have to take certain things you have to stick them in the back on the back burner and you don't let those things come into disturbed what you're trying to accomplish your affect what you're trying to do in your focus and that's a big word in. Life is being focused toes coach. I said look I know guys I can get you to play heart because if you don't play hard you're not gonNA play but if you're playing hardy. You're not focused. You're going to be a half a step. Eight and a half a step played basketball is GONNA kill you. You're get destroyed and so the biggest thing is to make sure that you're focused mentally and it's not easy to do. That's why in Golf. You know it's so much more difficult. Have to be focused for four more hours so focused laser sharp. That's why tiger was so good so good at that and that's why dominant for so long until he had the physical injuries. It's the mental. Part of the game and people tend to overlook that in a lot of players can't stay focused for extended periods of time. Hell you're asking the guy in an NBA game. Two to forty eight minutes in most lawyers play forty eight only played thirty six. So you're going to be focused for three quarters of a freaking game and they can't do it. I mean that's that's very sad not really really really is WH- quarter. Was THAT IN. That game was it. Yes the friend borders and you know I was was so mad at my if I could kick myself in the butt. I would've done it so rick one last thing. What would you tell us that you know with all this cove? Nineteen going on a lot of people have lost their jobs and people are listening to our show to to kind of help them through all of this but a lot of unemployed. What would you tell these people that have to make these big transitions in your life? We've all made them. What would you what some advice you would give him? Well it just I think have to believe that God has a plan and everything life happens for a reason and there's a lot of times this is probably one of them. Were you're GONNA say why in the world is this happening to me right now? It may take a considerable length of time before you get the answer to why this is happening to you. I've had this happened on numerous occasions in my life. In fact I say it. So much my oldest son Scooter Bobby. Sunday father's Day one time if it was a big sign to hang on my own bump in Colorado Springs everything. Life happens for a reason and it really is true. And even though you can't see and it's basically like you're in that tunnel and there's no light they're showing up. Eventually lights can show up and down the road. You're going to realize that something's going to take place in your life. That wouldn't have taken place had not been for what you're going through right now. Dealing with this unfortunate situation that existed in the world and so you just have to believe in that And use the old cliche. You have learn to play the hand. You're dealt right awesome. Well Rick David I really appreciate you joining us in the huddle today and and being on with With US ON THEM UP WITH GUS. So thank you so much for sharing You know in this time and and hopefully we didn't take up. Too much of your time was happy to do it and they tried to get me in the huddle. When I was at the University of Miami was football run patterns and stuff and I could catch everything and I was quick and fast and allusive and all into coach. What does this? They heard that the football you're going out and you're trying to Guam football. What are you crazy where you hear that from? I said hey the only way I play football is if they make two hand touch because they had some big guys down to Miami exactly right and I was a skinny. Little Guy would hit me. One grabbed one leg to grab the other words that make a wish awesome. So thanks for joining us again. Rick Evergreen Gus take your God bless you and your listeners hanging folks. We'll get through this. Thank you see you guys. Hey We want to thank you for joining us today. On how to up with gusts where. We talked a wide range of guests about how sport shaped your life as always. I'm joined by my great friend. And Co host Dave Hager and we want you to be able to follow us on all of our social media at how to with gusts and we really appreciate you and thank you for your time. And listening to our podcast a.

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