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Down so he gives us notice to bob guy goal and they position sean michaels as the hometown hero there in san antonio in his gimmick is he is going to be like a cowboy so sean recruits like fifteen of his friends and family to come to the show and bring signs but they will birdal it's not too long before jose's pushed out by chabot and chabot sees himself as the top babyfaced so eventually sean starts taming with paul diamond as a part of the american force tag team and they win the territory's tag titles for a few weeks there and that's sort of fun to look back on to me because those guys who were tag teaming here are going to be against each other at russell mania six when rockers take on the orrin express is that too long and cia those out and gary hart is in replacing him as the booker and this is a texas territories with right near will house bruce he tells city thing about when the blanchard sold in all the upheaval that calls because it feels like it's almost hop potato with management from the blanchard's to jose too chavez gary it definitely was in the the territory was not doing well at the time anyway fred baron was a car salesman he had car lots in the san antonio area and he was a sponsor for joe blanchard's southwest championship wrestling at the time at first i wanna say that a wall who had kind of brought joe or fred baron into the wrestling deal and uh wall who in blanchard had their doubts over different times especially when it came to totally but during this time joe just wanted out of the promotion did more dude aim orrin fred barron came in he had money and they convinced him that you know you'll make a lot of money being raslan promoter jose was there he was local when he was a friend of fred berenson he had ideas and i think that you know jose the nice thing about it was at least jose wasn't looking to put himself on top it was looking to bring in.

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