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WGN forecast. Here's Tom skilling rain currently in the area will exit that allows temperatures to crashes skies clear later tonight. It's the coolest air of the season coming in and along with it prospects for frost or quite high out on the west and northwest suburbs. Tomorrow may feature the first day to feel to reach sixty since may tonight frost advisory in effect west and northwest suburbs, including came DeKalb mckenry bone and winner Bego counties and areas to the west rain ends then clearing and colder. Overnight lows thirty three inland. Forty one oh here and low and mid forty s in the loop Saturday opened sunny, but clouds over and show, cool shower too as possible later in the day, high Saturday up to fifty eight Saturday night rain likely she's gonna be cool. Low fifty two and Sunday, mostly cloudy, milder a few showers possible. There'll be many dry hours high up to sixty nine Monday, a soundcloud mix becoming breezy, warm and more humid, scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms, become more likely Monday night. Daytime highs Mondays seventy seven and Tuesday. Clouds break at times, though. A few degrees, cooler it's still will be warm for this season at seventy four with upper sixties beaches and lakeshore and a real surge in temperature low eighties expected by Wednesday from the WGN weather center. I'm Tom skilling. It is fifty one degrees at O'Hare, midway fifty four Glen fifty two. It's fifty two along Chicago's lakefront. Winds are west eight miles an hour. The.

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