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Staying safe as the state opens up amid new cases of covert nineteen whiskey Victor Mike McCormack the former giants left hander who won the National League Cy Young Award in nineteen sixty seven when he went twenty two and ten with the two eighty five earned run average with fourteen complete games and five shutouts and also made the National League all star team in nineteen sixty and sixty one has passed away at his North Carolina home at the age of eighty one after a long battle with Parkinson's disease McCormick also pitch for the Orioles senators Mets and Royals in a sixteen year major league career but eleven of those seasons with the giants the U. S. open tennis tournament is still set for August thirty first through September the third in New York without fans this after getting the okay from governor Andrew Cuomo after consultations with local health officials but many if not all foreign players living abroad will not be coming out of safety concerns no surprise given that the covert nineteen curve in most of the country has not lowered and in many states is still on the rise no back Djokovic and Rafael Nadal hinted earlier they wouldn't calm Roger Federer won't because he recently underwent heart risk OPIC knee surgery and now Nick curio shop Australia said he doesn't plan to come said the only way he could compete here would be to wear a hazmat suit entering the U. S. and then be quarantined for two weeks when he returns home to Australia add that to the health concerns and he says why bother at the sports desk Steve Baker KCBS Tom Patterson here founder and CEO of Tommy John I'm proud to.

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