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I hit the guy. All right. Hey, don't worry about Justin's just because it's been on the floor. All right in the back. Don't worry about it. I try to win. Sorry, guys. Probably should've loved it a little bit. There got a little. Got a little bit on that one. All right bring the lights for that. But. Thank you. There's a few more left in there. What do you call? These mickey. Doughnuts. Yeah. It's very easy. Right. Do people. Call don. That's what's Arnold always thought growing up to these are called Donets. So that's what I call them. Now. It really is a door -able. All right. So the game last man, STAN audience knows how it works explained to you guys. Real quick. I'm gonna get the name of maybe one maybe two who knows maybe three actors and actresses. And then all four of us have to make turns make turn Kurds. All right. Come on. You guys make attorney let's make some turn change your life right now. No, we're gonna take turns naming movies that those people have been in two can't think of when you're out. But also, you have your lifeline. You can go to you can go to what's his name. Justin, TJ TJ. Yes. You can go to TJ. Mickey can go to Melissa Chris Andrew can talk to the head. Great. That here this guy. What's his name? Chris. Oh, it is Chris. Reich it he took the tarleton thunder toy in added tape to it with his name. That's what sold me. It was. Yeah. Yes. Pretty impressive engineering for your Washington sanely, expensive collector's item. I have at home. You have. I actually have that at home. Yeah. It's really cool. That's like somebody on hoarders pointing to pile of garbage collectors item. All right. Where is she? Where's grit city chick? Yeah. Hi, what's grit city? That's tacoma. Yep. It's the great city. Change your name to t t town chick. Hell, yeah. Did down dim city. Cool. Sounds like a horror movie, I don't wanna watch Tim city. Town where all food is presented on carts. Then city. What are you? What's your actual name grit city? Check. Michelle. Okay. And what's your suggestion today for last man Stanton? Jeff gold. Ladies love. That's pretty good one. I got to look at the panel. Where's your confidence level on Goldblum? Andrews not feeling entirely. I want to create a safe space for Andrew. I I know you know, who he is. I know we the tall guy. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks, bro. Let's get another name just to just so we have have a backup here. Whereas. Whoa. All right money. I didn't expect someone named bunny to be so. So swell. Spe-? I wanna make sure I have the right one. Do you spell it? I good. I. Eighty. Why why why that's how you spell? It. Can I see an ID? All right bunny. What's your actual name, buddy?.

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