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Freakonomics radio is supported by magoo's preparing for standardized tests does not need to be financial burden magoo makes online test prep for exams like the act sat gre and jeanette accessible effective and enjoyable enter promo code freak at magoo dot com for twenty percent off online test prep forget i'm radio is supported by transfer wise cheaper way to send money internationally the economists says transfer wise takes a machete to the hefty fees banks church but don't take their word for more than three million people are already saving sign up at transfer wise dot com or download the app their podcast listeners how do you feel about behavioral economics since you are for radio listener you're probably at least a little bit interested and we've done several episodes on the topic over the years the man generally considered to be the founder of behavioral economics is richard sailor of the university of chicago he too has appeared in several episodes he's what you might call friend freakonomics so guess what our friend recently did he went out and won a nobel price so we thought it'd be nice to have failure back on the show to answer our questions and yours if you've got a question about behavioral economics per se about what it's like to win a nobel or just what it's like to be richard thaler send it along our email is radio at freakonomics dot com tell us your name where you live what you do if you'd prefer you could make an audio recording of your question just use the voice memo app on your phone and send the file to that same address radio at freakonomics dot com and.

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