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Safely so med one one dot com slash store. Go check out the list of resources, we have there. All right finishing up on drug interactions with hydraulic Zine. There aren't a ton of really notable drug interactions with any blood pressure medication, obviously, I think about other meds that can lower blood pressure. That's kind of a common sense type of thing. So oftentimes, we're using hydrology, and maybe with, you know, a calcium channel blocker something of that nature in patients that need multiple blood pressure lowering medications, so that can certainly happen. But we've got to keep in mind when we add on more pressure lowering medications, we are on the risk of of dropping that too far in getting into dizziness and orth stasis and things of that nature so other what pressure lowering drugs think about that. And not just specifically the anti hypertensive. You know, I think about cinema, you know, drug for Parkinson's that can draw blood pressure. The PD. Five inhibitors. So example, there still data Phil brand name Viagra. I those are a couple of good examples their drugs that can really cause significant syncope or you know, kind of those passing type episodes. You gotta remember the alphabet offers those can really draw blood pressure quickly. And obviously if used in combination with a drug like, hey, drowsy and Vasil dilated tight medication that can really drop that blood pressure to a significant amount. And then the the other thing I'm gonna cover with with drug interactions. Here is remember that opposite effect drugs that can't oppose the blood pressure lowering effect from hydrology. So I think of you know, drugs like stimulants. You know, maybe like Adderall and things of that nature. End. Saids are another example of medication that can kind of impact blood pressure in a positive direction as far as positive meaning higher. So that could potentially oppose the blood pressure lowering effect of hydraulic Zina's. Well, so it was just a few kind of opposition and similar type of fact drug interactions that you're going to have with hydrology other than those there really aren't a ton of drug interactions where concentrations are raised of drought causing or hydrology impacts other concentrations of drugs, so really it's kind of those additive or opposing type drug interactions that I covered there. So that's going to wrap it up for today at the enjoy the podcast leave us a rating review on I tunes or wherever you're listening to incredibly appreciative. You can find me at linked in air. Christianson pharmacist if you'd like to connect with me feel free to to track me down there. Snag your free top two hundred PDF simply I subscribing to the website, you get alerted to when we've basically got a new podcast out as well. So absolutely of of no cost to you in just a little resource, if you're potentially preparing for a board exam, or if you're looking to to share something maybe with a student who studying for exams or something like that can be a really really helpful tool. So go check that out real pharmacology dot com. Also, contact me there if you've questions comments all sorts of stuff like that. So sign offer today. Thanks for listening. Hope you enjoyed the podcast and and picked up a Pearl or today. Take care. Thanks for west. None.

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