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Yesterday we were talking about Beverly Hills. No, no, no. And I was trying to remember who was on that show. And you said Jason Priestley? Yes, instantly this one here. Of a picture, decent busy at Costco, right on Monday. So you're going to get your job. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go in a completely different direction. And as the question l z asked me, what would Michelle beginning to Costco because you, you order everything you order everything from? I have. I have a reputation in my neighborhood for Halloween, so I have to get full-sized candy bars. So I- stock up at Costco. Why get salmon and I get toilet paper. That's That's what what you're you. saying. Salmon toilet paper, Snickers, five years of being the best house on the block. And then on that six year just trolling everybody with the worst stuff you could possibly find. I feel like five years is. Smarties reports. Celery. And that's when they Jimmy Butler. You're. Cou. Why though? Let's go back to him for second. Does he? I mean, if he wants to be in LA and he doesn't want to be a Laker that just no one's ever done that. No one's ever made the decision to go join the clippers. It's true. It's true that given the option, right. Look, I think there's a lot to the idea of of the LeBron aspect of the Lakers for was some sort of deal changer. Okay, fine. But he wants to be in the city of Los Angeles. You know, he has a championship rake, I'm he. It might be a different set of priorities for him than most people, and he just wants to get back to southern California then. Yeah, I guess she played for the clippers. That's kind of weird. People assume that if you don't go to a team that is about to win a championship right now that you're not serious about winning. 'cause I was on the radio show yesterday and they asked you will be Butler if he's so passionate on us. There is about one. Yeah, absolutely. All the time. That's that's how I let you know the relationship is over. Radio host. In other producers to. Just plug me, but someone was asked me, Jimmy Butler, so passionate crazy about winning that. Why would he pick teams like the clippers in the heat and stuff? I said, because when people say, I, I wanna win. It doesn't mean the result. I wanna win right now the obviously that's part of it. But the most important part is the process are we all about winning in here? We understand that we may not win, but are we all bought into what the work is that require that is required? And so go into the clippers doesn't mean I don't wanna win. If he thinks Dhaka's coach. If he likes the players, if he feels like those guys have their priorities in order, the result does not justify kind of justify or deny the process of winning. And there's a level of shrewdness that's been implemented to the franchise, I think are underestimating where with the clippers, the way they Blake Griffin, there was pretty shrewd his thank you do, but the sues production and you say, oh, you're a guy, you're a guy, you're a guy, and then you can opportunity to move him for younger p. You do that you ship out doc son Saint going. Yeah, you're coach. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, we, we can't roll outs anymore. I, I don't think that's shrewdness I think like they made that decision in summer would Blake. And then Jerry West comes along and says, now that's what I'm saying. But that's, that's literally they changed their mind. That's Jerry. West readings. Really listen to Gillette west, I guess, I guess. Yeah. I mean, I, I wonder what we'll we'll get back to Jimmy Butler at one point, but I just wonder what he did to the market for him with the last couple of days of it's change at all. I I heard Jalen say it on your show the other night that list got a little bit small..

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