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Da doc nine thirty thirty nine thirty pm only now it's super it's brooke immune to recorded your wolf but then i don't make eye contact with anyone johnny one yeah you'll look got it got it nick or the same anytime he goes into. That building was marking down a lot of edits everson. We say so okay so so when they know about your dietary habits kevin is that you are a vegan and you know you eat pretty healthy as well. I mean you're you seem unlike naturally slender man like sandra east not be slender man now certainly not. I'm magnitudes more friendly. Nobody nobody nobody kill your high school. Classmate on new song kevin's bath not kill just stab. I'm sorry stab. Nobody nobody stab your classmate. A do what these millennials eleni owes right as their college entrance essays they write about the slender man why i stabbed my classic it anyways so undermined. But how long have you been vegan and how has it affected your your your eating habits. In general i've been vegan for are two and a half years now coming up on three vegetarian before that i was vegetarian for three years before that and i went vegetarian for more for <hes> environmental slash animal cruelty reasons but i was still as eating like shit like all the time like eating a lot of garbage and then i went vegan for more health reasons. I still eat a lot of trash but cutting dairy out. I think the biggest difference <hes> dietary wise mitch's. His dishwasher is running with what you may have just turned the light. I push a button water. It's me in the head. Now i got a different question as far as the tentacles you use in slender man form. What do those do exactly. I think just scare people they scandal. I know it's kind of a warning grabbed the children or what day tentacles or does he does have ten guys okay. I got a lot to learn about him. There's an h._b._o. Doc on the slender on that whole that whole stabbing. It's it's it's pretty wild. That's crazy and people get horny for slender man yeah. I don't if you knew his his frame. I think he's tall people like yeah yeah as a job so okay. So what are your like you. You say you still eat some garbage. What is the the garbage you eat as a vegan a lot of chips. A lot of barbecue cute chips a lot of carbs recently. I've been gaining weight so i've been going to a like a personal trainer. <hes> like saw nutritionist who didn't know anything really about veganism which made it pretty difficult. A lot of wishes didn't know anything about veganism. It was a nutritionist to be fair alex romario. I did mama mia more spaghetti some pills for your germs. This won't help nope. It was at l. a. fitness and it was just the fitness instructor. Oh actually know a lot about nutrition and then when it came aim tax really giving advice he was like so like you probably wanna try more proteins. Yeah okay thank right wh- wh- proteins are is it tofu tofu's a big one when you're when you're begin right yeah a lot of different nuts in vegetables and protein shakes you go p._b. Right being a butter. I live on peanut butter. I love it so much but it has a lot of sugar though so you have to be careful yeah you gotta be careful..

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