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I don't even know what you guys did Great. And I'm saying maybe Barbara, Let me tell you, I ask you this. The discipline that came along with getting as good as you got with the cello that that you know, you probably don't break out the cello at parties. But the discipline that you learned as a kid to get good at that instrument. I bet served you well in your business, even though you didn't go on to become a professional cellist. Well, I practice to become dead. And I'm gonna tell you who. My instructor Wass. You might Google that I want to be Bobby's girl. A girl by the name of Marty Blame. Her father was our instructor at PS 1 13 in Queens. And I remember with Marcy When that thing I wanna be Bobby's girl dating myself now, which is something I probably do. But I remember when that song hit it as he came in. He was so he was one of these instructions with it. You know what? Show the chick like, You know, people who walk around it till the bumps up every once in a while, but he was a great guy. P s 1 13 is an experience. I will never forget. It's also the school where I learned to speak French in the fifth grade because Mrs Boyd was French. And she could secular blow Now, Barbara Kids don't even learned to speak English head commentary wanted to share that. No, I appreciate the call in, you know, no one ever cost about the art. It gives you culture, having knowing our art appreciation of music appreciation. These kids now don't even know who most part is. They don't know who Beethoven is. They couldn't listen to Chopin. They couldn't listen, Tio, Madame Butterfly and know the beauty of it, And I had the privilege of growing up in New York City and the public school system where we actually went to Broadway plays as a part of the curriculum. That's not the case anymore. Barbara, Wait at the move on, but I appreciate the phone call. And, yeah, you know, I My first. Like I said, I was a theater geek and did the plays in high school and got glad I didn't major in it. But the skills I learned in that the ability to ad lib served me well that this day you got to be quick on your feet. You've got to be able to respond to whatever comes your way, and you've got to be ableto. If you ever see had lived comedy where somebody's sitting up there going, eh? Wouldn't work. You've got to be able to think quickly. I don't know that I would. I was always bit of a smart house. But I don't know that I would have learned that ability and have a job like this. Were it not for the plays that I did in the theater classes that I took. That's not endorsement to go out and drop it off. I was going to major in business. But now, Eric says theater no, not theater. You actually don't need a degree to do it moved to Hollywood if that's your passion Good luck prepared asked. Would you like fries with that an awful lot, but It's served me well is part of a well rounded education as well as I could round it. Brett and Haver to grace. Welcome to the show. Hi. I want to make a complaint about my victimization. Bi racial prejudice. Okay, The complaint department is open. We're ready to go. I would really like to get a multimillion dollar contract to play basketball for the N ba, However, I'm not very tall. Yeah, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe you don't sound like a basketball player. I'm not very small. I can't dribble and I can't jump very high. But just like graduate schools are permitted to consider non in collective factors. When they evaluate people for admission. I think the N BA should consider the fact that I always try my best, and I'm a good sport. Now. It seems to me when I watched N BA games that there is one particular race that's represented out of its, uh, proportion in general society. Because N Ba doesn't play behind the screen. Uh so I'm willing tohave racial considerations. Be exposed in the person's application for for the for the orchestra. If there were also considered for the N B. A But it's not fair to have this rule just for one segment of society and not for another segment of society. I would like to play basketball for the N BA But great. You're applying logic and thinking rationally and its 2020 that has no role in society these days. You realize this right? There are a lot of people out there agreeing with you. And I'm nodding with you. Yeah, you know, I get the argument. But again, it's based on where. Where is the social justice aspect for that? How does that help? The Democratic Party aspect of social justice aspect? Is that I'm entitled to be treated fairly. There is an equal protection clause in the United States Constitution. And I don't have equal protection if I'm not being fairly considered for jobs in playing in the N B, a It's not the result. You're right. And I get the point you're making. But you are being given equal consideration. You just can't do it if you want. If they held a try out, you could go. And if you could get, you know You could easily get the attention of some n BA team with your lack of skills and say, Hey, how about me and they would go? No, you don't have any skills. That's that's the equal consideration what they're talking about. You know this what? They're talking about his equal outcome. They want a specific outcome. They don't care about the opportunity. They want the end result. If you looked at the outcomes you can see The ENDA has an explicit, prejudiced against short, white guys like me. Look, you know where I day? Well, they haven't explicit. I'm a tall white guy, but I can't play basketball, so they have an inherent bias against people who are not only short but tall, who can't play basketball. Well, I want to file suit for discrimination against the end Discrimination by the N B a against me. Because of the outcome argument. Where are the short white guys? Not fair. Spud Webb shot a a statistical variation among different Types of employment that some groups are better in this in. Some groups are better in that. Maybe I'm not saying it is, but I do see that different groups are Represented out of proportion in different segments of economic activity. Well, yeah, I think it has more to do with the availability of opportunity. It's really easy. There's basketball hoops everywhere. And like I grew up playing hockey, but that was because my dad drove the Zamboni on the weekends, so I had access to it. I didn't chose not to play basketball. I chose not to play football. Football is available at every school or almost every school, at least for now, and they'll soon change that..

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