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Mister mushroom putter? That's a D joke. We have got to get him to a sexy liberal. That is D.C. golf course. He says to play golf, my sources say he was meeting with his two lawyers and secrecy. It didn't cross being at their offices. Notice there are no golf clubs on the cart. Yeah, I did notice that. Yeah. What do they call that at the bada Bing? They'll walk about to walk around. And also for not having the Hillary soundwave. Do we have the Hillary sound white? Just as you want it? Yeah. Sure. Because I will die. I think it's a really hard call. And I can not predict what the Justice Department will do at the end of its investigation. But I do think the rule of law holding people accountable is central to our nation. Yes, there's that. Hey, Jody. I asked Travis first thing this morning. I was like, is it always like this? Yes. My crime stack seems thicker than usual. Is it a crime? Stuff happening. And there were a lot of subpoenas issued yesterday. Right. You get a subpoena. You get a 40 of them. 40. They were saying this morning that a lot of came yesterday because we're getting to the 60 day window. Yes. Before the election. You want to make sure they had everything in before. Those people aren't running for office. You can't see what the point is. What's the super someone who did? What's the superhero nerd thing I'm thinking of? Is it rounding up all The Batman villains like again? Is there a thing where they all go to jail Bernard kerik, Roger Stone, then they all get pardoned and then they get out and Steve Bannon. And then they all come back. They're all at Arkham Asylum right now. But this is also like in The Batman 68 movie. Right. Many of them already been to prison. They are together. Riddler, they all escaped. And they all hatched a plant at the same time. Right. Basically. So that's what I was saying at D.C. sexy liberal. What's that season again? Steve Bannon gets arrested. At the legion of doom. Okay, I have chosen mine. I'm not buying your stupid book. For I don't know. It'll go for every yes, everyone. Maggie haberman, Jeff Berman. I mean, it's all okay, Maggie haberman is driving me absolutely insane. Me too. All these people have always known he is a giant crook. This is how this happens. Now the stuff in this book, the statute has run. Right. Probably on 2016, but this is what Michael Cohen has always said and said to us on this show, individual one was Trump. He's the mature been charged in this. Michael Cohen's the only one that went to prison. And now we find out from Jeff Berman's book, and I know he did, he gets some credit he did squawk at the time, but oh my God, Bill Barr needs to go to prison. Yep. I mean he'll be going through some things. Right, that they asked to remove all references to individual want to prosecute John Kerry for what? Oh my God. It's exactly what we thought. And now it's all, I'm not buying anyone stupid book, but was only Malcolm X's book on the plane. It's the only book I'm buying. What did you think of Malcolm Nancy's book? It's fantastic. As is Malcolm X. Who was on Russian TV? Did you see this? No. No. What now bitches to Russia? And they played it on Russian TV. On now, bitches, now what you got. It's kind of awesome. I'm gonna say that Ukraine is Malcolm. It's our superhero. That's why they're winning. Just leave the charge. President, international coalition, you know, whatever. Ukrainian people. But I'm just saying, Malcolm dance kind of a superhero. Yes. Bringing his military expertise. His badassery. Thank you. It is international badassery. Jody, mommy's been on vacation. Thanks for filling in. It seems like pay attention to the news at all. Yeah. Digital thing is crime stack. So this is this entire yeah, a little bit a little bit. Why? Well, because we had Jamie Raskin on a panel of sexy liberal D.C., which was the coolest. Oh my God, Jody, the coolest thing ever. Oh my God, he's the nicest guy in the world. Okay, so Chris and I can tell, can I have sex with other old music? This is actually the room behind the scenes. Oh, boy. Are there some scrambling? All right, first of all, just don't miss a sexy liberal. What does mama tell you? We're always working on surprises that we can't tell you. Right. They're in my classified folder, which I can't open for

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