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Fast forward to two thousand eight healthcare law started changing to make treatment more available once again that set the stage for an investment frenzy pitched even higher than before marvin van trail heads up the trade association for treatment centres i don't think the hubbard and reinvestment industry this kind of opportunity to produce come from treating addiction ever before bain the investment firm not the batman villain bought the largest addiction service provider in the country and made it even bigger then it turned around in sold it to another company acadia health in two thousand fourteen the selling price one point two billion dollars all that money sloshing around has a way of magnifying the industry's strengths and weaknesses it's also bringing new players onto the scene trained staff recently i went to check out a place called the lighthouse near the jersey shore its owned by a new company recovery centers of america sunlight streams in three big windows and the commentary as and the whole place is decorated like a tasteful beach house in pale blue and white denny correze heads up treatment for the company and says they wanna make recovery inviting the offeree over twice a week for every patient in small groups the exercise classes well twice a week we also have meditation recovery centers of america is the brainchild of real estate mogul brian o'neill who's based in suburban philadelphia he's backed by more than three hundred thirty million dollars from a hedge fund director of operations michael derosier says the center has tweaked the normal thirty or ninety day residential treatment model to reflect what insurance will actually pay for the upstream here's twelve days.

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