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Of the two of the front comes to an end tomorrow before the rest day in quite spectacular fashion we've had kobus in the tool three times in the last eight years two thousand and ten thousand and fourteen thousand and fifteen smelly enough tomorrow from us well andrea clear of education i cope would specialist in his own racing days he said it's basically hoffa powdery by tomorrow i mean is not a light menu of of couples ato twenty one point seven kilometers in all fifteen sections and you know some real brutal parts i mean they're not using the full length of say moans on pavel but half of sexually enough no good little no nor comfort alaba but she is horrible come from on pavilion is horrible the first section richard as you told me about the the entry of now how to how to look at pictures of that that looks horrible again going from quite fast downhill big road into a into a very narrow entrance the the section from tila to saw a rosy areas horrible i mean this is this is something that would well it will make the likes of greg i'm out peter saga on both former pie rebel winners they'll be butterflies in their stomachs as well so the likes of chris from atom rigoberto iran other gpc contenders who don't have a great deal of experience on the couples they're going to make it while we can only wait and see i think well andrea clear my why other sports directors spoken to over the week of there are going to be time gaps never going to be right as who lose the tour tamar it's just a question of what happens in it's interesting listening to them the philosophy that losing time even if it's two three four minutes may not be the worst case scenario tomorrow so i'm really serious day on the tool and one that probably explains the real lack of action today and yesterday also on perubased present all the guys in the in in the empire ruby go go for it to win it or to assist is there the need of the goes that win it and in what i talked to mock module which we you will probably hear in future kilometers zero couples and any the the the problem is a total of france stage on the on the cobbles is not barry ruby because there are guys who want to go for the win but in the same time in their teams you also have a juicy leader to protect so when you repair ruby specialists with gce leader what do you do you go for the state or you say with your leader to make sure it doesn't lose time so it is going to while the the answer to that depends on the on race day what's happening so it's it's very interesting to see maybe some you know guys in a position to win the stage more really good couple specialists waiting for their leaders or not i mean this this is gone for rafael mica greg van out for ritchie port so you could see someone like our no damore who you mentioned when we were chatting earlier i'm francois who won't have the same team responsibilities it could be a real it would depend who is allowed off the leash and team supports going to be absolutely everything i mean education first strategy for tomorrow andrea clear said is rigo rigo rigo unrig oh is it just get rigoberto around across the account team sky probably the ones who have just a little bit flexibility because guarant thomas can look after himself will you know will use him to help chris room or we'll chris room be able to look after himself with the likes of moscone loot ro even create kofsky to it's going to be absolutely fascinating because as much as i planet tonight that could get ripped up within the first fifty meters of the first section of cobos and if you haven't much of the tour so far tomorrow is the day the you got the tv on before they get to section number fifty and go we had we heard from white and service cavan fr team sky my white from mention scott talking about this stage and their strategies and the support we going to be another fire to hurt teams plan for in terms of support in the writers they're gonna be mechanical are gonna be punctures gonna be probably crashes it's going to be chaos and it's gonna be fascinating we haven't mentioned movie star i'm fascinated to see how those guys.

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