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It's monday november twenty third. I'm mary regalado. And here's your local news from the los angeles times brought to you by the s-o-f-i daily podcast reaching financial independence starts with having the right information every weekday morning s-o-f-i keeps you up to date with important business news stock market happenings and how they affect your financial life search for so fi s. o. f. I wherever you get your podcasts. Today will host plenty of sunshine with a high of sixty six and low tonight of fifty to our top story. California's average daily number of coronavirus cases has tripled in the last month as pandemic conditions deteriorated dramatically around the state. That's what los angeles times analysis has found. The analysis also discovered that covid nineteen hospitalizations have doubled in the last month. The coronavirus is currently infecting more californians daily than any previous point in the cove nineteen pandemic raising concerns about a new peak coronavirus related deaths by christmas the rate at which californians are testing positive for the coronavirus was up dramatically in the last week as well a troubling indication of the rapid spread of the highly contagious virus in more virus news out door. Dining at restaurants in los angeles county will be suspended at ten pm. Wednesday and public health officials said. The new rule will be in effect for at least three weeks for the first time. Since may restaurants breweries wineries and bars will be limited to take out and delivery. Only officials had warned last week. That new rules would be imposed. If coronavirus cases or hospitalizations continued to climb the county's recent surge has been blamed on a variety of factors including gatherings for holidays and sports championships as well as other social get togethers in other news. Five california state. Prisons are rolling out video. Visitation programs while in person visits remain suspended due to the pandemic those participating are san quentin state prison california institution for men mule creek state prison valley state prison and central california. Women's facility officials said video visits will begin saturday and each eligible. Inmates will receive a free thirty minute video visit every thirty days. The video visits will take place on weekends and holidays..

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