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Everybody. Andy Cohen, we fired up the Raba clubhouse for an old fashioned new years. We've bash I decided to throw an old-fashioned house party because I couldn't bear the side of being square freezing. The Jesus autumn acelle with one hundred thousand throw kale's with nowhere to p. There's a are. They can't be there's nowhere to p. I would rather because the in my own place with delicious food by awkward, leaner, catering, a fresh cocktail which has Justin poured and just a few drunk holes with plenty of places to p you're the first to arrive but cast who else RSVP Diaz, and it's going to be dropping by this party. Sandra Bernhardt, the Queen of New Year's Eve in New York City, Jeff and Jenny from flipping out. Lisa Vander pump is here nei-neither leaks. Is here that's a party in high heels right there, Dina Manzo and she's bringing grandma wrinkles. Tamra Barney is here all the way from Orange County. Megan McCain is here who is so clever, and I love Kim Zoll Ceac with her wig and she's pregnant Jimmy Fallon is checking in Kristen wig Zoya or doing special appearances Gygi is in the house. We have models of the year all night. We have our first ever live Bravo levity wedding, which is gonna take place a little after midnight. And you can't guess his getting married. Also at midnight, the for for the first time in TV history, a wig drop, and if you'd like.

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