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All right, let's get to massacre theater, the part of the show where we perform a scene and you get a chance to win a film spotting T-shirt a couple of weeks ago, we massacred this scene. You killed my father, you killed my painful. You took my father's sword. You must have been when I was a young man. There was a time boy when I searched the steel, not more than even gold of jewels. That was James Earl Jones and Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1980 twos Conan the barbarian, written by John milius, Oliver Stone, and Edward summer, milius directed it as well. That massacre was part of a show that included our review of Robert eggers the northmen, along with our Buster Keaton marathon review of Sherlock junior, so why that scene from Conan the barbarian. Here's Jeremy Webb no Berman. He's in Philly. He says, I think this was the fastest I've got in the mascara theater ever. Josh's Arnie was spot on and Adam's vampiric take on James Earl Jones falsa doom works surprisingly well. Snake bat, it's all the same. There were a number of clues late in the show as well. Conan in the northmen, both contain big shirtless killing machines of men, though I doubt Alexander Skarsgård punches in his camels. And of course, James Earl Jones was in a Shakespeare in the park production of Hamlet in 1972, which the northman is an alternate version of. And Ethan Hawke played Hamlet in the 2000 film. Look at that. I'm Jeremy. Kevin Harris also waited here. He's from bloomfield township, Michigan. I've never seen it, but given Josh's uncanny imitation of Arnold, what else could it possibly be? All right. Point counterpoint, Matt white in Indy, again, says not to be gross, but it sounded like Josh's character was struggling on the toilet. You killed my mother. You killed my father. You killed my people. Wow. Someone else may be a little more sophisticated, Josh. Sorry. Said that it sounded like you maybe were from the fictional country of zubrowka. In ode to Wes Anderson. Yes. I like that. Yeah. All right, Michael from San Antonio shared this. I would shower Josh with praise for his rendition of Arnold. But for the fact that he was totally upstaged by Holden's performance at the episode's outset. I can't remember the last time a film spotting episode had me laughing so hard. I had to listen to that bit three times. Henceforth, I will always in the back of my mind, think of Adam as king Adam movie talker as well you should. I hope they're going around calling you that. Regularly. Adam, movie talker. Yeah, Holden did win the kempen our kid conversation to be featured at the front of the show, but if you listen to the podcast and you did stay all the way until the very end, the outtake was a Sam mixed Montage of my three other kids delivering the same line. And in case you didn't know that Sophie was a clone of me, was definitely my daughter. She did it first. Then after she heard how well Holden did, how he really went all in on it. So he's like, okay, I gotta do it again. Then she gave more. I like to think that you really set this up as some sort of battle to the end. Initiation ceremony and whoever did the best got to survive and the rest had to find a new home. Yeah, they got deet did her that night. Okay. So only only Holden got food. That's how it works at our House. Josh reach into the hat and pick out this week's winner. Our winner is David JB Krish from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Congratulations, David. Email feedback at film spotting .NET, and we will set you up with your very.

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