Heart Rate, Wade, Chad discussed on The Everyday Innovator Podcast for Product Managers - TEI 141: How product managers can better lead change with Barbara Trautlein, PhD


And our our our heart rate goes up our lungs relief we breathe faster basically all the good stuff that's feeding our brain are cognitive capacity goes wet wade out so just so we need it the most are iq ragnar ability to logically reason think through things and especially be creative and explore alternatives literally reduces that literally physiologically happens to us and that's what happens when we go through change is that we um you know because it can be stressful can be fearful so we go to our our dominant kneejerk responses that a typically have helped us be successful but not always right and they may not be appropriate for the situation root beer were them we know that zone from this early of of emotional intelligence bush total still so how to be so and be a little bit more too with our emotions and those of people were trying to lead or impact or influence and you've talked about this term in the post of change intelligence can you tell us what change intelligence evolves absolutely so just like i said i believe that you know leading change developing products we need all our iq we need a raw intellectual intelligence and you're right to partner with others lead people through change no one's an island we need emotional intelligence understanding of our own emotions being able to manage them understanding others emotions be able to use that information of build relationships i believe that what we also need is changing tela gents and i say change intelligence or seek q interchangeably and what i mean by changing taligent is the awareness of our style of leading change and our ability to adapt our style to be optimally effective across people in situations that's two parts the awareness and be able to adapt so what i've seen chad in my almost thirty now year career is that so often people product managers executives frontline employees doesn't matter people when they're asked to lead a change or when they are asked to place significant role in a change they want especially when you look at positive changes like development in products right we can start off with the best intentions with the best intentions were excited or going down this new path we see the possibility right however are at some point what often happens is that we encounter resistance.

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