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Yeah. Fine. Me gag the done, the ran, the full die, kill me in the packing house. Hey, boy, hey boy. Hey. Whatever you want to identify as welcome to another edition of bunny. Ears, your favorite podcast, we were just talking about cans. Yeah, can't who loves them. We all all different kinds cans on our ears. Having conversations? Yes. Sorry, intro. Okay. No, I'll do the intro. I'll do lease. Okay. We're gonna bunny ears podcast. It's the only podcast that has bunny is on it. I am your special guest, Linda Hamilton, and I'm joined by my name is MacAulay Culkin MacAulay Culkin and yes. So we were talking about how it's really weird when you can hear yourself on the. Can you name cans, business means headphones or women's breasts, or that was in the eighties new? Not even the forties. Really? Yeah. Check out those k. Jacob those. Yeah, and the games with the leg people were horrible back then. Yes, it's like general, isn't it crazy how quickly we've evolved as a society. Honestly, think about that. You know what I mean? Like it's like twenty years. We got like real. We came real, really got on the first like airplane, like little like little bit more than one hundred years ago. And we've been to the moon and back since. Yes, we have got VR now. Yeah, yeah. Impressive. No lane, we move. We move we move as. Yeah, that's that's what a. That's what I would say recipes right character the actor. No, no. Like moves pretty fast. Okay. You talking about ending you bra. I know. Fist-bump. Okay. Introduce our guests. We gotta guest. We're going to be talking about something he's, he's returning a returning guest, one of our one and only returning gas, so nice. We had to book them twice. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you know him, right? He's I at your third time on the show, never mind. So nice. We had to book him, thrice, you know him from watch this shit ready. The virginity hit bridesmaids and episode of Michael and Michael have issues episode of Grey's anatomy and episode of the big bang theory. Victorious wrestling isn't wrestling death in return him, superman. That commercial PSA. He did what he was a kid that he's in barris of people made fun of him for it. Has album terminal cases. Wow, his his short-lived podcast with Liz Gillies called the universe, how they were friends, man, deep, dove..

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