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Tuesday everybody at, six twenty. Four we've got an update on the killer into Toronto who went on that shooting spree in Greek. Town he killed a ten year old girl and an eighteen year old, woman wounded thirteen. Others he has been identified as Fazle Hussain Twenty-nine of. Toronto, now you know the the name people are gonna, think, oh could be Muslim, terrorists but authorities in Toronto are not ascribing emotive to him. Yet, however they are not ruling out. Terrorists, yeah the family should have statement and they're trying, to you, know obviously address that issue and they're saying that he struggled with. Psychosis depression is entire. Life the interventions of professionals are unsuccessful medications therapy or unable to treat. Them we did our best on and on it. Goes so I know they're trying to make it sound like a mental health. Is I, said, yesterday I don't care if you're a. Terrorist Did not you gotta you gotta have mental health issue shoot up a bunch of people thought I do think an, and you know, the authorities. Will investigate was he radicalized as so many now are over the over the internet and you know. You can have psychological problems and that can lead you down the path, of being radicalized. To go out and to kill westerners so but we. Don't, want to jump to any conclusions yet the eighteen, year, old who was killed, she has been identified as well her name was Reese Fallon. A, recent high school graduate and she. Was, due to attend McMaster University in the fall just, awful this, is a police chief Mark Saunders in Toronto is going to take. Time there is no. Magic pill that we're going to take all is well but I can. Tell you from keeping the city safe I have. I think the highest highest trained officers in the country that will do their. Best to make, sure that over time people will climatize Climatize I don't you. Kidding me what kind of, bureaucratic speak that nonsense if, this makes more sense we do not know why this has. Happened yet. The investigation itself is very fluid so they're not tipping their hand as to. Any kind of motive I can't speak to what was in individuals mind, will we'll certainly dissect everything we're going into the background. Of this. Individual I did hear the Toronto mayor Michael say that I think the guns are an issue up their guns are too easily access Tough gun laws where are they getting. The guns across the. US border, maybe well here. Well we know. What happens, to the United States that come, from other states I mean we. Have tough gun laws in New York state but, they just flow in from other places oh of course Canada does like America have, that kind of wild west aspect to it Canada's a vast country a lot of people live out in the. Middle of nowhere and, I'm sure they have guns. To protect themselves. But. This, is this is this is Toronto this is very cosmopolitan so yeah so we'll see I don't know. You know there's no report. Of him yelling Allah Akbar. Or anything like that always a tip off as often as you know obviously they're. Gonna check out his social media and they'll check out? His computer the they'll we'll. Find out sooner or later the white on what. The motive is not bringing back, the two dead and by the way there are several newer critical. Thirteen were injured yeah hey I have my eye on Athens because I'm going..

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