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Of us are familiar with the term Stockholm syndrome, which describes the feeling of trust or affection that a kidnapping, victim or hostage may feel for their captor. It comes from an incident that happened 47 years ago this month. On the morning of August 23rd 1973 a man wearing makeup allays wig and blue tinted sunglasses, walked into a bank in central Stockholm and fired several shots in the ceiling. That began a six day standoff with police that captured that was captured just before a crucial election. For the first time, there was live coverage from the scene on TV screens across the country. People gathered outside the bank to see what was going on. And as the standoff continues, the four hostages told reporters and even the prime minister of Sweden that they trusted a man who dubbed himself the robber more than the police. Using previously unpublished sources, rare film footage and interviews with the main subjects. David King has written the first history of the standoff. His previous books, including the trial of Adolf Hitler and Death in the city of Light about a serial killer who was active in Nazi occupied Paris. His new book, Six days and six days in August, The story of Stockholm syndrome comes out today. Publishers Weekly says that true crime fans will love this engrossing and exhaustive account. David. Welcome to all of it. Thank you. Thank you for pleasure to be here. So the bank robber was not actually there to rob anything. He went by the name Johnny and doesn't about who he Wass and what was his motivation that day for walking into a bank and firing shots at the ceiling? Yeah, Yeah, yeah, He was 32 Roll Master Safe cracker. He's really good at busting open face. There. In fact, that was one of the last reason he's in prison. He was supposed to be in prison, but Sweden had a everything's on rehabilitating criminals, so he's able to get time off for good behavior. And he just left and decided not to come back, and this is part of this plan to stay out, he said. I'm not going back to prison. And so it goes in and the fire's going. This feeling. Story starts and Police get there pretty fast. They got there so fast. In fact, the lift the rose that this was a bank robbery that trails This was not ever intended to be bankrupt because he needed leaf. You know, most Grubbers. But you can't. Yes, I want the police and also had a submachine gun. You don't need a submachine gun, rather bank. So then they start baby. Who is this guy? He's speaking English. After all, and someone house just hoping, you know, starting from the Southern Europe. Another person thought he might care of another person. When the hospital told me he thought he might have been with Germany once you know the Red Army faction or one of the outfits. That that rose nearly seventies, so they're only stories about him. They thought he could be from anywhere except sweeten because sweets did not do this sort of thing now in 19 seventies, but he was sweet. And and you know it did that because he wanted to do you want this friend? Out from prison and he wanted the money. They plan to you get away. One of the first things that he did. Yanni did Wass. He selected a few women from the people that were caught in the bank, and he had another hostage, tie their wrists and ankles. So why did he heat thes through ism Women, Elizabeth, Kristen and Birgitta with him almost all the time. I asked him that and he said Well, some of the other people there were older. He didn't take the older hostages. Um, and he also taught by choosing women. That police would be less likely to shoot him. It was his plan because the first the 1st 3 that he had were women. Later on. We find a horse one who was left when we're gone into this room to retrieve him checks for a customer. They heard the shot from the ceiling. You know what you think Robbery. I'll just stay here till it's over. Well, six hours later, he's still hiding there. So again, he's kind of right in the fourth hostage. He thought his plan was a women and pick young women. They thought the police would not shoot at it. And it is this week I'll get my way they will away on my way. That was what he thought. What were Yanni's demands. Once he was able to have a conversation. We'll talk about the conversations that he had with the police in more detail, but overall what was that he was after. What did he demand? Hey, You want the money, 1,000,000 Swedish crowns, which was a lot of money, But he also wanted Clark a lot. Who was one most notorious criminals. Sweden in the 19 seventies, when he was a bank robber is caress model intelligent, handsome. Is a media star as well, because he was always a story he busted out of prison. He had these long, no manhunts across the country, with the police pursuing it. There's lots of stories around here. They want newspapers list of the top 10 influential people and sweet Because you just quizzically velocity lead history, So I was requested to speak with and the media loved them together 1970 Socialists. To hide the will of our state. It's acquires robbing banks, so he's almost a Robin hood speak about it. And you get one report to scratch it. But the time he looked like a cross between Warren Beatty and Jesse James You kind of get while the good seek and didn't hurt people he went after. Thanks. That was the idea. And so that's what he wants swings with the most notorious and famous criminals. Released from unpleasant and brought him to the bank. And it's sort of interesting when the officers in the prison go to get Clark And kind of stay. Tell me you got to come with us. He's not so sure He wants to go. He's not sure what's what's happening. He's he, but he quickly figures out. He can use this to his advantage. How did Clark figure out that he could use this opportunity to his advantage? This is a blue the interesting part because in court knew He had a good one here because the police when they ask him, all right? Who's the bank? If you let them know that he knows he's in the bank. I may not let him know He was the person to get a trip to Stockholm. But if you let it know who's been there, and they may not let him go because he's involved. Well, because it let him know..

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