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Problem. And then when we told them when we showed them all the nameplates that we have enterprise it will bring holy. They just had this overwhelming relief. Moment that we trust you guys to do this. And so we spent a lot of time kind of educating our clients on what are capabilities. How you might be able to solve these problems. And how you can kind of you know. Sullivan piece parts. And that's that's been an incredible kind of experience for us. Yeah i think along those lines that you just announced. Maybe it was even today or this week. A new covert assistant. And i think it's very interesting this whole idea of whether you're communicating with employees you're communicating with patients. There's a lot of pieces of information that people need about something they've never encountered before people might know vaccines vaccines for covid and things like that. So maybe just like give the shorthand on the covert assistant. How that out of some of the things. You are already doing around flu. It's a very set similar set of problems. Like if i just take my parents for example. I texted them the other day. I said call your physician. Make sure you get in line for the also the vaccine there like we call them up anyway. I think this is perfect. Example of why. We're bringing what we call a coveted assistant in cohen bought to to the market. The coolest part about this is. It is not complicated problem. The answer the questions of folks relative to cova ninety five percent of the problems repeat so the logic tree the needs to be modeled in the conversational. I experience you know very well formed and well well well behaved. And it's not that difficult and so when we take. Our conversation is stuff to market. We say you're going to have like hundred thousand inbounds questions on uncultivated got to be answering the same you got three people on your in your call center. That are nurses. They're gonna be overwhelmed. We can actually put a digital agent in front of them and deflect like ninety five percent of that you can still might deal get three nurses but you can get away with six nurses not not sixty and we're bringing those capabilities of enterprise to to to the hospitals kind of deal with that and we can stand that stuff up really really quickly. We did a bunch of it. Back in march april Last year as screeners because people are calling up in they they. They probably needed to talk to a doctor. If they had a certain set of conditions so we would ask them digital agent would actually ask them. A set of ten questions is a fairly simple logic tree. If if they answered the you know they took the garden path in they ended up unfortunately probably having colon. We basically hand them off to a telehealth workflow with alive physician immediately. It's the same type of thing and that's you know that's basically the announcements that we've made around that and it's it's very much in the sweet spot of what we do so and so you had that covid insistent that you launched earlier this year. You've had experience with the flu vaccine in the past assistant for that. You mentioned ninety. Five percent is that is that the type of deflection rate. You're getting or the resolution rate that you're getting with the assistance for the for the for the for the simple stuff. It's really easy to have a really large percentage of deflections like like that. Because you know somebody like me calling. It's like i'll talk to the humor. I'll talk to the agent. But once i get the information i need. I'm i'm happy. I can kind of go back to my daily life so it's kind of like you're relieving this kind of pressure in. It's not that complex. You know if you're if you're dealing with a call center the percentages of the flash in like a complicated multi turn conversation you're dealing with a client that has a certain set of your products you know the election rate is is obviously not that high right on something against because in the the best part about this is weakened always if we can't complete all the terms in get the get them off off the phone we always want them over to hand them off to a live agent in its one of our claims to fame is that our agents were directly with human beings as as well not only that is if the conversations are going all that well we can aged involved in we can have the agent wash the conversation and then pick up the conversation to a warm hand off so the person on the phone may not even realize they flipped over to a live person but they have you know right right so but what you're saying is like for some of these healthcare assistance where you've got these questions around flu for example in the past maybe over ninety percent of the questions are answered by the digital agent the nuance solution and so that's you're basically doing one in twenty of the calls are actually going to you know one ten wanted twenty are going to the live context agents sandia. Yeah well so. Let's you brought up better prize. What did you say enterprise. I think you'd normally are talking about context or some other solutions. But there's a big part of your business and maybe the the sort of what a lotta people no nuance most four. I would i would suspect lesser and healthcare. They probably are more familiar with you. Know being one of the a giant players in the space. So i come from the healthcare side. But obviously you're you've got some responsibility for for everything now you know. How have you seen that space. Change over time i over. Let's say over the last ten years that you've been here and i'm interested in particular because i see a lot of people sort of getting into the space. Now who know there's obviously a bunch of legacy players you have competitors in the space you other people were doing other things and they use they use you as a complementary solution but i see a lot of other people who are comfort the conversations base. And we're doing it for like marketing sudden they're trying to do it in the context center So i think there's probably two things one is like. How specific is it. Because i think a lot of people don't know what they're getting into they get into the space but the second is like. How has this changed over the last ten years. Why why is it different than what you would have seen and not two thousand twelve. I think it's kind of evolved from simple you know. And i know you're an.

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