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Seventy seven hundred dollar payday visit Amazon or canon dot U. S. last make it today from the ten ten wins traffic center I'm Greg rice with the supply house dot com fan highway patrol north and west side highway after ninety six in order to rex pulling you down from the intrepid after that better than George everything else terrible and route to the elf and GWB inbound George's alright Lincoln thirty either way calling about fifteen to twenty in from the sky way better from the turnpike forty five to sixty on a yelp and ride white stone amass either way on the Upper East River white stone is the worst of it because the queen's outside the Throggs neck in our care bad Billy's Bronx down he had a decent ride ahead of you south and garden state parkway in route to the shore we're looking at a wreck in red bank near exit one oh nine blocking a lane and backing you up out of matter one traffic brought to you by the New York City a vision is zero initiative I'm Greg rice with the supply house dot com fan highway patrol the twenty twenty Nissan rogue has tech that helps protect you from threats in every direction whether it's this bike on your left this truck on your right or using rear cross traffic alert to help you see this convertible behind you whose driver dozens you backing up because he's retracting Israel's fancy this is protection in a world of distraction this is Nissan intelligent mobility dramatization do not attempt rear cross traffic alert may not detect all vehicles the owner's manual for safety information hi it's Jamie progresses number one number two employee leave a message at that hi Jamie it's you Jamie don't hang up you need to hear this you gotta quit wearing that aviator jacket nobody's buying it sorry you have to hear from me but at progressive were all about giving it to people straight that's why we show our rates alongside our competitors rates and when you're helping people find great rates you don't need some jacket to look cool just keep rocking nets guard casualty.

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