Insular Cortex discussed on Waking Up with Sam Harris - #91 The Biology of Good and Evil


Realms for looking at this is uh when you look at conformity studies and where people go along with something that is patently untrue yet they go along a certain percentage of them are just being affable they're being publicly conforming a certain percentage actually changed their minds and you can see activation of the visual cortex hey remember you actually saw something different than you're saying you saw what all of them were saying this is a state that's also sudi associated with activation of the insular cortex activation of the mic it's anxiety doubting provokes anxiety certainty is very comforting thing and doubting even seemingly the boost cerebral an assertive solis of issues out there nonetheless readily taps into all these senses of uh anxiety running underneath there there's this other piece here which is that the brain doesn't have mistress a bigger constraint of evolution we were not built so as to acquire new cognitive abilities the novo the only material to use for modern human cognition are these ancient structures that have to be commandeered two to new purposes so everything we do is built on the back of these aebischer structure is now here were here we're talking about the insular which does receive the inputs from the the visceral you refined rotting food disgusting you know that is the tail told by the insula and the only way to build a mind that has the capacity to find abstract ideas repugnant is to be repurposing or extending the purpose of these brain areas that were doing nothing of the kind in apes like ourselves the couldn't form abstract ideas absolutely and it's the totally fascinating domain the fact that this insular cortex which if you are a like mole we'll tell you if you're eating something rotten activates in humans thinking about moral discussed that a part of the brain that does temperature sensing for you is also activated when your call to pleading with her somebody has a warm were cold personality at the to your brain some parts that are involved in pain detection in a very literal sense also activate when you're feeling a pathak but somebody else.

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