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Welcome to the podcast. Formerly known as someone probably died on this episode i discussed at an lorraine warren specifically their cases that inspired the conjuring movies and aaron closest things out with the mysterious death of bethlehem. Deaton this odell aaron. Welcome to six degrees of what. Well hello welcome to. Someone probably died with us or died with. I know i just read it. No one died while in our company. Someone probably died starring us. Write these down. They they they read so much better. When actually say that. I'm like wait. That could be taken the wrong way. We live in the presence of someone who has died. Not someone who has died in a terrible way jess while with us. It's very humane. I'm sorry i'm just kidding. I'm just kidding motel. i'm erin. I'm this is the podcast of misinterpretation. Every it really is the welcome back. We're here with more stories. Were here see their did it again. We're here we are here. We are here. we're in your ear holes. Eu are correct about that. And we're only house with our.

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