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But who wants to work in the kitchen a everybody now that he's joking these stupid. Tv shows are out there. Gordon ramsey's everybody's a chef. Everybody wants to play it up their stuff. All fancy showed and like i will say. My wife makes a lot of his recipe. She's a fan of his tv stuff. And i haven't eaten anything. That's one of his recipe. That didn't come out fucking outstanding and when we went to vegas needed at a restaurant of that dude like three hundred bucks but vegas at a restaurant with that guy's name on it. That's not that bad no. It really isn't about yet drinks too. We had A bottle of not champagne with the italian champagne psycho. Sure pretty sure that's what it's called We had lake seafood appetizer with royster stuff. That was excellent And then two entrees. I got another glass of wine. Because i was getting ready to eat. And they don't wanna do bubbly white glass red so bud and my wife still wanna. She asked the by adverse events and they went on a. We don't sell those shoes. While i'm digging for it i shall take it for free still nafta anyway spending on more. This is some more gender stuff. We got a lot of gender and sex stuff. Just because that's kind of you know in my little surges a search for stuff like this here because we are a men's issues podcasts. Put on paper So this is coming from the article is web. Md is coming from the american medical association. And they're pushing to remove the sex check box slash. Fill out whatever you want from the at least the public portion of birth certificates so of course. They're they're justification as it's Basically babies haven't decided or the phone found themselves or whatever. The fuck terminology is now. I'm not sure. Make remember when the big deal was. You can't used to be a so what's happening with his genders of is choice later on. You know what i mean. Su- however a person's sex designation of birth would still be submitted to the us standard certificate of live birth thing. It just would not be publicly searchable by anybody and the print out that you like. The parents yet wouldn't list. Let's pedantic fucking stupid. There's not a reason for it. There is a reason for it. The other thing that's that starts getting confusing is gonna get on rantel so so you're saving inc bud not putting checking the box right. The argument was the trans issue is always it's about identity either. But then not biology and that they're separate gender identity is separate from biological sex but then all of their solutions to biology right get played with dolls kind of dick hormone blockers right. A girl can't plays with jos. Jos cut off and put her on occurs. It's like okay. What happened to their different. Shouldn't be solution for these. Psychological issue be psychological and not drugs and surgery yup physical. I mean once you're eighteen and even do whatever the hell you want you got a job and make you can do whatever you want. Yeah hopefully you've had an upbringing. Dow was at least mildly affluent. I i suppose the question becomes can kids who have the trans What's the term is. More fear is sporty. I forget which Can they be raised without the drastic biological things. Being done. come out healthy and well-adjusted and then be able to go okay now. I want the supreme doubts while trying to get what i mean. That's exactly what i'm trying to unless you can prove that they are going to be suicidal or fucked up without it. I don't see how you can justify considering we've seen time and time again where it's you know it's it's psycho mom like mauthausen living out her stuff indicated else another another paper. I mean to a hospital near you. Sexless versus the birth certificates. All this this. I found interesting kind of satisfying. You were mentioning the whole quota thing. Well some admin and of course it show image for madman were given the boot to improve the gender pay gap in their company. Will they said you really can't do that. to white male creative directors at a top london advertising agency of one eight sex discrimination claim after a female director vowed to obliterate it's madman reputation of being full of straight white men and then vienna layoff said straightway men and they of course went. You can't do both were in their fifties and renowned creative directors at the j w thompson agency The ones that filed the suit. Apparently there were a total of five men that were given the boot but these two decided to sue and it was publicly just made known that it was because bosses urgently wanted to address their their gender pay gap that they were paying women doing the same job less well nearly to the only way to make that money is to fire people who make more money you're not going to give those lanes raises no farther dudes to make more. That have been there for thirty years. That are close to retirement. It's also you know. That's funny. Because i see that. So many times. I see in so many jacked up companies. Get close to retirement than they sack. you saw. Pay your pension out while he didn't make it. Sorry we're rightsizing eighteen and a half twenty twenty..

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