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Pollutants and allergens. The wave indoor air quality package will make your home at dryer cleaner and healthier one all year round. It's time you choose the air. You breathe choose Wave Home Solutions. Call eight eight eight nine seven nine wave. That's eight eight eight nine seven nine W, V E, or visit dry house now dot com. Dry house now dot com. Car stereo seven seven dash to hear that true. Sound of the faithful? Six Francisco HD two San Mateo station. Now the batting order, we will begin with batting leadoff spot. KNB are six eighty presents hitting lead off. Above leadoff spot. With your host Adam Copeland on KNB are six eighty sports leader. This game before. Three. Drives kicks pillow. Career. Twenty nine. Take game one of the Eastern Conference finals, there's a high drive in deep left center, the win to push. Two run Homer for Erebus Garcia polls on the ground Aleph base. Anderson is to for two as a major league hitter during the it's one high in the air to feel this one has a chance going good. And I feel the home run for Brandon cropper right free. Call fastball at the knees in the ball. Game is over not just to save for Will Smith. But an impressive save giants four Blue Jays three.

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