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And now move the sticks with daniel jeremiah and bucky brooks. What's up. Everybody walks in a move. The sticks presented by castrol edge. Dj bucky here with you and gets its mock draft time. We're ready to roll. Are ready to roll this as a favorite time of year this we get a chance to speculate on what your favorite teams are going to do. Not necessarily what we think we would do. This situation the mock drafts with the ears. Do the top fifty list top five list with the is but there's nothing better democtrats juices flowing a little bit. So let's crank things up here with the first overall pick. I've got the jacksonville. Jaguars no surprise here. Book go trevor. Lawrence is i think everyone expects jackson. Jet was take trevor lawrence. Trevor lawrence is being. Qb one for the longest time. He gives them a franchise quarterback something that they've never necessarily had in jacksonville urban. Meyer wants a big time. Quarterback ecosystem trump. Yeah thank you talk about. How does he fit in this offense. Or what's that gonna look like and if you go back to urban meyer's time at utah go all the way back then. Alex smith was able to do. This is like a souped up. Like a super alex. Smith when you look at lawrence bigger faster stronger but can move around to a lot of those Things so exciting. Time there for the jags is. They got a new coach and now they have a new quarterback the second pick with the jets is really where the draft starts lot of options. They stick with sam darnold. Did they take somebody to help. Sam darnold trade out or try and replace them. And that's what i have him doing with this. Pick right here buck. I think they'd be able to trade. Sam get a picker to for him. The second pick in the draft. They go ahead and take their next signal caller here. And that zack. Wilson a byu. This is an interesting pick. Because we've heard asala really wax poetic about sam donahue what he could do in this version of san francisco's offense. But now you move on from sam dawn you get some more picks you get zack. Wilson who i think is maybe the most natural player at the position in this draft class. He is talented. He can do it all he plays it. The way you wanna see the position play. He gives new york making sure wagons to. Yeah a lot of excitement there. Just somebody that's really instinctive and somebody does a good job of protecting. The football i think was sam. I love his ability. Buck but that lapse in judgment one or two times a game that we've seen kind of throughout his career. You just kind of wonder if he ever gonna get past that. So that's part of the evaluation process. I think there's a lot of good options there for the jets. One could even trading for for quarterback down in houston. This pretty good so a lot a lot on the table there for them. Art third pick miami. Dolphins could go tackle here. But i think the need a playmaker and they're not gonna go devante smith knocking to reunite him two. They're going to get the best receiver in the draft to me. That's shimon chase from lsu big physical receiver. I know outta sight outta mind really kinda clouds his evaluation but make no mistake about it. This is a top five player. A guy who has big time ability can run rows can take the top off the coverage..

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