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There was one other stupak, and they were from another planet in terms of strength. So, you know, even though boxing was my thing. Like, I found a great place to lift weights, which was this Dungy little gym at the university of Toronto that was mostly just grown men. Powerlifting. And then there was me, and my best friend from high school who were like, you know, they hated the fact that we were there. But by the end, they grew to respect us because they basically got us into power with. And it's so funny everything you say reminds me exactly the stupak which were they literally only benched or swatted dead lift nothing. Else and their strength was redone. Culex? I remember I think it was rob at a weight of one eighty five he had hurt his shoulder so bad that he could only narrow grip bench and he's narrow gripping three eighty five for ten like here. It's like 'cause my shoulder hurts so narrow narrow transmit to my tries. Yeah. And these guys were freaks of nature. And I don't know if any this shit was true. But the rumor was that they were you know, they came from Viking stock and their mom could apparently berry any one of their friends in an arm wrestle if they brought a friend. That's like you wanna arm wrestle their mom. You're going through the what's an. Yeah. It's like it's funny because we were like that. But we weren't even the strongest kids in high school. We weren't even the strongest kids in our area come on in poughkeepsie. I think it's like in the water something, I mean, there was there were people. We were the strongest we were by far we'd kill people in strength. But we had dudes our huge in high school our like monsters. We we went to a pretty big high school. I mean when I went to school, I was, but you were you were just smaller. Lot of people did steroids Kinsley. So when I grew up in poughkeepsie, I had a belt said Royd sucked on it said Royd suck and it would make everybody in the gym mad because everybody was on the juice, and I was stronger than all of them, and they will get so pissed because they see me coming in squad that were on steroids then to and see the belt right socks. I all your, you know, your aunt ship. Everybody would always say that I was on stuff. And I never was you know, it just it just didn't happen. So to me all growing up. It was funny that we ended up making bigger stronger faster because I have that had that written in big block letters across the back. My belt Royd sucked and making this movie about steroids and talking about how they maybe they're not that bad. So how old were you Chris when you peaked and what gimme just gimme? Well, first of all, let's take a step back. I want you guys. Explain can Ex- gone. on your done. It's all downhill when he guys want to take the liberty of explaining to the listeners. What powerlifting is what Olympic lifting is. Or why those are sports in and of themselves. Let Mark do that. He's expert or Mark tell us what they are. So Olympic lifting is what you might see on TV. When Olympics come round powerlifting is not an Olympics or Olympic weightlifting is clean and jerk. And the snatch those the exercises that you do basically involves taking away from floor and figuring out some way to get it over your head different rules in both of them. But that's the gist of it you get three attempts on both those lifts and the accumulation of both those lifts is called your total. So in powerlifting, you do a squat in this order bench press and dead lift, and you get three attempts at each one of those and humilation of those that's goes into what is called a total powerlifting is really difficult because it's hard to have leverage on all three of those movements. Olympic lifting is is very difficult. But it requires a whole different skill set. Mobility becomes a big factor..

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