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You're dead. Bury got a call from your driver's Sean Reid takeover, the story from there if you can. Sure thing. Yeah. Sean got in touch with dad as you've mentioned and said that you know, we're in in third year of a three year program with him in folks over Hughes, oilfield, transportation, and he said he was going to go and and pursue other opportunities said, well, okay. That's just fine. Now, we'll do the same then. So we had a really good run with him behind the wheel the car reaching the finals last year. The gator nationals, right. And you know, would would obviously like to go back there with with that momentum. But we'll we'll just do it. It's going to be the same team same everybody else for just gonna put somebody else behind the wheel. I guess these things are never easy. Of course. You know, he's been with you a while when you have team members especially driver's been with you. I mean, he's been with you think since he got his license in fourteen twenty fourteen but you know, these things do happen. Don't they? Oh, yeah. Like like any relationship? You know, you go through the highs and lows of it all, and so, you know, he's got another opportunity. I think we'll we'll hear from him in the coming days or possibly weeks. Okay. So he's he's going to work on something else on on his side of things. So yeah, you never know how it's going to go. But it was a pretty good combination. Like, you said since pretty much the only Greg streets ever driven since he came over to us from the boats. Right. The whole thing started out as a need betting him that he didn't have the guts to get behind the wheel of turn prove me wrong. So go so now, so now what happens is that you've got to make a search for another driver. And it certainly would be an I this tongue in cheek it'll be certainly advantageous for your organization. If the new driver brought some funding. That's exactly it. There's there's certainly a lot of drivers out there. I'm myself would get behind the wheel if I had the funding to make it all happen. But that's exactly these things don't fern nitro. They burned dollars and. And. So we're trying trying to work a program. We've had a couple of drivers approach us with sponsorship money in hand. So we're trying to work in deals with them. And nothing materialized yet, though, we've got a few others that have promised stuff until like Phil we see the actual money. And we know that these people can drive, you know, because you're asking them to take basically our whole operation the on take two hundred thousand dollars equipment down a relatively short. Race course at a relatively high rate of speed. Yes. Wanna make sure they got their heads screwed on. The money Todd Peyton Peyton racing top fuel dragster back with us on race line radio making an adjustment to Sean read their driver departing just before well as preps going on for the start of the season. So do I read into this Todd that you had mentioned I think initially that you could jump behind the wheel. But as you say there has to be some funding there, are you guys? Looking at the gator nationals as maybe doing it with you. Or do you need to bring another driver with funding for you to get to the gator nationals if another driver.

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