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And I'm not hearing anything from the bay. So what is going on? That zah strange here, very effective for them. Okay. Clyde will thank you. God, I sure hope you find some fish this week. I do, too. Okay. Bye. Bye. Clyde wants Well, let's switch to, um The North Coast Alcott ski You fish. The Smith River yesterday the only river that was fishable yesterday, all all the whole north coast and it was touch and go. But I did talk to Al Yesterday about what happened. Albert. The Checco was in shape today. Did you fish it today? It's just coming in. Probably today. I didn't Fisher today I fished on the Smith River today. So check that was just on that. Just on the verse. I think tomorrow will fish. Okay. And how is this? I heard the Smith was high. There was a lot of pluggers and even some of the drift voters were plunking. Oh, yeah. No, it was high. I mean, we got that Tuesday. We got five inches of rain here, So Yeah, everything was out for a little bit. They were fucking yesterday did Okay Today there was a few fish cod, not a whole bunch. But it was love their condition today. So do you feel that there's uh Usually when the river's high the plungers will get him sound like they did, But you feel that there's good numbers of fish in the Smith yet. You know what? I don't think there's a ton of fish in there yet. There's a few. I mean, all the boats were out there today. There was probably what you don't 15 to 20 votes today. And I've heard of 678 Fish got Huh? There's not a ton of it. No time yet. I tell you what, Bob. The quality of the fish we've seen is great so far this year. Say again. The quality of the fish are really good this year. Okay? You're already I mean, yes, I heard a 30 39 against Carter last last week was 39 Inch, sir. Today. I landed one That was exactly 40 inches in my vote. Oh, my goodness. What do you suppose that Wade? You know what if it has a little bit more bigger shoulders in private 22 £23, but it was right around 20. Well, that's a good long after the long, long bucket just you know, it's just something else. But it was. It was good to see and I've heard of a couple other twenties already, too. Well, that is good news. I mean, let's face it. The 8 to 12 pounders were fun, and that's what everybody goes for a chance to get a £20 steel here that's pretty rare. Don't tell me, you know. Nowadays it seems like it's even let more rare. And is that the guy fish today is a friend of mine, And he was just by himself today. Well last week he led one that was 39 a half inches in was £20. Also so you've got two in one week. It's not fair, Albert. It's not fair. You know, but he hasn't got anything like that His whole life, So he's put in a lot of years. So he's getting paid for back now. Yeah. There you go. There you go. What were you using? They get that Today. We use mostly, uh well. Bait and puff all in rubber bead. Okay. The rubber beads seem to be taken over off. They work pretty good there. Just you know that perfectly round and they just float good, and they're always the right color and always the right shape. So I think it's just it's good luck and I do work good. I mean, there's days that they want that smell, though, so I look, there's a little bit of both. That's Alcott ski. I'll tell you that Guy's a good fisherman. I know that there was not that many fish caught on the Smith River. Yesterday, he pulls out a 20 pounder. That's something his number to book a trip 5309413474. Well, we'll get another report on the Smith. If we have time on behold Eel River system on when that's gonna Actually the South Fork of the eel should be fishable tomorrow or Monday, probably Monday would be perfect. It's clear up it leg it now, So we just have to wait and see. And after the break, we're going to talk to a dawn. Paige Anneli about Clear Lake about fishing in the city. About Barry. Elsa, don't go away. Now. I want to tell you about Comanche Lake Comanche Lake, if you haven't heard You know when they dropped the stay at home order in the Sacramento region, will Amador County North Shore Command. She is in the sacrament of region. They are now open for camping. The South Shore is not open for camping, and that's another story. The fact is, that's in a different county. So that's how ridiculous all this is. But anyway, last week I drove through South Shore in North shore to every single campground. And let me tell you there's no hookups on the north shore or water or anything like that. You gotta bring your own water and all that, But let me tell you there's some nice sites there. You could get away from everything. Nice views. The whole works. The fit of planning program has been under believable. They planted over £26,000 of trout. Just this season starting in late fall. Now That's a lot of fish in that leg. Just recently. Just this week, some grass start to show up. This is a natural phenomena, you know, sometimes when the oxygen Kills the underwater plants, and it's a little bit of a nuisance slows fishing a little bit should not last more than a few days. In the meantime, some people are searching out some crop E. The South Shore pond. Of course, it's better when the first few days after the plant, but their plant almost every week s O command. She is the place to go. They asked that if you're gonna camp Your call them until they get their website. Back up the speed. Here's the number 2097635121. It's on their website Lake Comanche resort dot com. Go to extension one, Okay? And then also the cabin's air open on the North Shore and the motel units and boat. Reynolds. Comanche Lake raring to go with this temperature. It's gonna get good Comanche let go to their website Lick Come, and she resort dot com. 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