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But yes with two albums of 10 songs each there's room for ben members other than mccauley to offer some welcome new ideas do take began as a solo project from a call but over the years the three other members have demonstrated how essential they are in two thousand eleven drummer dennis ryan wrote and saying the pretty song on the album divine providence now in volume one he's given us another highpoint me and my man about the romance of male friendship and among those the got timed tall three the man the launch the acoustic volume one has a number of lovely melody's but overall i have to give the edged volume to where ryan's pounding drums and the bans thundering guitars and electric piano send the music hurtling along with an urgent intensity on it's a whale mccauley's echo off the wall squawk reminds me early period alice cooper as does the song satiric lyric about rockstar proclamations of martyrdom and living on borrowed time.

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