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Jim um and it's open to the public as well so it was really cool to see a rose and pat were working out for us and then derek clues as well that was thursday in dallas in its right in the heart of dallas so when i found out that um the darren is is a coowner if you will i was like oh man i would love to him on the show and then they told me if it went to game seven he'd be free jonwal hits a shot i was so damn happy now you may have given the how want to kiss of death though on cs last year ago two years ago we had mike miller of the then of the cavaliers on and after his appearance the cavs lost in the finals and mike miller is no longer in the team that's true is he heard both have part so on a little bit worried because your sports team allegiances and maybe that's why did it proven to be very a fatal for team's chances um so i'm hoping that you and give us the kiss of death by the way maybe i have a a recent see buys here but i feel like dare knows little more than mike um i think mike was knowledgeable but yeah i mean darren darren's really like in the nittygritty of it if he's cornering fighters are you planning to compete in georgia to um he could talk about you know all the the uh different fighters were in the pound for pound conversation like the d follows it bill tourney to step up their game cluedo in promoting enough yacht the nba players gotta get gotta get them involved due in adjusting well that's his guy how 'bout that king most got that's recreate um all right so that was awesome thank you very much during.

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