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Bronze tier you can get your questions read like do Arteta Rosa who says hey, guys, the current twenty nineteen announcements are more or less underwhelming. Do you think that there could be a sudden announcement from a big studio, and if so what I am absolutely stoked about twenty nineteen because we don't know much. We did our big games. We're excited for in two thousand eighteen and granted there's a lot of them. That are very exciting known about them for very very long time. Nintendo's twenty nineteen right now, we got. Royal coming out next week or something that we don't really have any release dates. We got a couple of big games that we know are waiting to be talked about. But like, we don't have anything that's twenty nineteen really when you look at PlayStation. It's like again same thing. We got these big games. But where do they land? Is there other stuff? We don't know. That's the new look at XBox. And you just like they are have been working on stuff for a long time. You gotta imagine that this e-3 if not sometime around that is going to have some some real bombs dropped. It's exciting time. Do you stand by Mr. OSA here in say that twenty nineteen looks underwhelming as of right now in paper? If you're just looking at fischel release dates sure compared to the last two years, that's probably the last two years. Yeah. I feel like that's not g so let's this is don't even try to fucking you're wrong twenty nineteen. Now, we just finished twenty eighteen just finished twenty seventeen both those years. Holy shit twenty seventeen zero like this is the best year for game. Right. It must have been twenty sixteen. Then where I was like there's been a good year. It's been nine for me as a hardcore Nintendo fan going into last year fell. Extremely underwhelming. Like, I was like oh shit looking at we end it with my odyssey. We had breath a wild earlier in the year the previous year and looking down the pipe. It was like oh shit. You're gonna talk about Pokemon at some point in announced it smash was not even a possibility at that point. Yeah. So fuck fuck. Now, you see everything. All right, cool. So what do you think they'll be sudden big games? I mean, I think I think Nintendo direct is imminent. There was questions about that. There's rumors about that. Is that? Okay. Here's the thing. Nintendo from rive. I'm sorry tomorrow pronounce thoughts on the rumored intendo direct happening on the tenth for the past..

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