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Get any closer. Here's a complete look at the final stats. Virginia Plate just seven In this contest today. Key. Hey, Clark had 12 points and five of 11 shooting. You made a free throw one of three from three point land, one rebounds, six assists and a turnover and 37 minutes. Reese Beekman seven points and two of five shooting to have two from the free throw line, one of two from three point land. Four rebounds. Three assist to turnover is three steals and 36 minutes. Sam Houser really good, steady game for him. 15 points, nine rebounds just missed his fourth straight double double. He was six of 13 shooting one of four from three point land to have two from the free throw line. 36 minutes to play for him Train. Murphy 10 points, four of six, shooting two of four from three and they were timely three's four assists with a block and a turnover and 31 minutes. Hey, Seymour sell off the bench 15.6 of seven, shooting three of three from three point land. Four rebounds in 24 minutes. Francisco Cuffaro 7 FT. Back up Center to the 71 Jay Huffer. He had three points in one of two shooting. With a free throw. Grab the rebound, had an assist in 11 minutes and to me the M V P of the game Jae ha, who came out on fire, hitting a three to start the game, setting the tone. He had 18 points. A game high. 18 points on seven of 13 shooting four of eight from three point land and again If you're just joining us, he came in as a capable three point shooter, but he only to have taken 17. In nine games. He was seven of 17 while he took Ate today and made four One point it was four for six. If I remember correctly also had five rebounds with an assist two blocks and a turnover in 24 minutes. Virginia just shot the lights out. They shot 52% in the first half and then 57% of the second half. They finished it 54.4% 31 57. There were 12 of 24 from three point land. They hit 50% of their threes in both halves only got to the line seven times, but they made six. They had 16 assists on 31 field goals. Rebound of the Irish 29 27 so none of them held their own in the boards, But I'm actually had five offensive rebounds to four for Virginia. And right now. We've got Cormac Ryan in the media room. Let's hear what he has to say. Just let that carry us. I think we all know what we're capable of. It's a matter of going out and executing. That you handled right? My coach. He told us you guys are a particularly confident group might right now. What did you notice in the beginning of the game that might have illustrated that? And then what, if anything, did that little spurt in the second half kind of give you guys a far as a little bit of a struggle? Your mike is still up, too. So, you know And I think it's just a combination of getting stops and plan our style of basketball. You know, when we do it, we're really tremendous team. Sometimes we, you know, lose sight of it. For whatever reason. I think that's what some we continue to work on as we grow. Go back to Tom DeLay. Come back. What got into you there in the second half of your finally able to get getting a flow and getting a rhythm to get some shots to fall. I was just trying to be aggressive. You know, I just know Don't think it's anything special. I think just trying to make plays. Do whatever the team need to try and battle back into the game. Looks like that's all we have. Thank you very much. Come back. Katie wanted to jump into the press conference with Cormac Ryan. I was finishing up Virginia stats. They had three blocks and three steals as well. For Notre Dame. We'll start with Cormac Ryan. 16 points in the game four for eight shooting email. Seven.

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