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So and by the way lest you think wow it mistake by hayward who probably is the best rightfielder the game and i i misspoke hayward is not in right field today he's the center fielder that was ben zobrist in right view zubrus had to chase down that karema's as it went over towards center picked it up and took it out of the glove to throw the ball fell out of his hand now stephen duggar left handed hitter takes occurred ball in for a called strike well are they giving him a triple i would have thought maybe there would be an error in there somewhere here's the one strike pitch another curve and that she loaded duggar one ball one strike so it is a double and an error which allows us to go to third how many rb is does he get i would assume he would get to think crawford was coming around thirty even as the bobble happened now the one one pitch there's a looping liner at the center field that's gonna get down basnet and duggar with a clutch to out rbi single get a lot of jazz fans out of their seats applauding including his grandmother his mom and his sister who are all out here for back east stephen douger is first start against a lefthander today and he delivers a right away and it's a four nothing lead for the giant is very impressive considering his numbers against lefties haven't been great in the minor leagues is work in progress and obviously he's making some progress bruce bochy talked about that before the game on his show here now hanson batting right handed he drives the right center field still going back zobrist into death valley reaches high over his head and makes a backhanded catch after a long long run the inning his over so things have started out very well for the giants of four run first in crato back to the hill with a four nothing lead on the northern california honda dealers radio network this is jeremy nfl with more honda metrics today's metric twenty five for seventy five after twenty five years.

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