Deputy Attorney General, Director, Sally Yates discussed on Best Of Hugh Hewitt


Deputy attorney general but you have served in all notes of conversation with all white house staff alongside whom you have served from your time you became fbi hi director to when you were fired in by what they can you do so because no that's an yet keep notes on rosenstein cape notes on sessions you keep notes on holder keep nuts on loretta lynch keynote on sally yates did you authorise anyone to review your notes and discussed them with any media outlet if you did so whom did you authorise ny why if you did not added story purporting to read from those notes become part of media reporting ought americans to fear by washington post column continue that fbi officials are keeping notes in every conversation they have an agent of the bureau even when they are not a target in the investigation should anyone about him a record of conversation as being may be informed of such an attempt to create such notes should contemporary if not too many conversation deemed to be in any way politically charged be shared with the inspector general the justice department church sure that the no turned deed contemporary after the conversations they purport to record are in fact a reflection on the actual conversation that took place and not an exhibit in a false narrative later produce to advantage the ticker was the president a target of any fbi the investigation at the time he left the fbi was any member of the white house staff a target of any fbi investigation at the time you'll up the fbi was the president or any member of his family a subject of interest inning fbi investigation at the time you left the fbi if so did you inform the deputy attorney general all of that situation finally the american people are intensely interested who had the trump campaign or any wellknown adviser to it colluded with russia any attack on our election in your opinion did such collusion exists and if so by who and what was the nature of that collusion.

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