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And that have been objections and obstacles along the way, but we'd be very fortunate in Heaven, scientists who swayed by the evidence having. A public health England experts who following the evidence in sometimes not listen to the public health directors have different views, public health practitioners, and we have the most benign environment for people to switch to safer nicotine products now around three point, six million people who evaded in the U. K. three hundred six minutes adults, and that's about six percent of the adult population during the parent when he cigarettes and become y y give problems in two thousand, ten two thousand enough onwards. Smoking has begun to plummet. We've twenty five percent drop in prevalence of smoking since two thousand enough dropping from China percent now down to about fifteen percent of fourteen percents so. You've got this crossover. A visits. The craft with is going up in smoke is coming down. That's an association that it's clear that Vatan is planner key road in people switching away from smoking, so it's being fascinating to watch it and it was Wanda wise has happened because it hasn't been government so public health experts telling people what to. Government sometimes I told you about the public health experts told people to do. The message I'm from that. It's being driven by very different dynamic, which has a good products. Coming from many initially smoked. `Cos Ma today, tobacco companies interested in return to that says good products and consumer choice so for me as a kind of public health expert. It's pretty story to watch this process because he's being driven by people in products, rather than by public health experts message message my life I. Swear did they crowds get us make foundations to get big money to public health products projects. We've got it prevents age in Russia. We need nice money to talk down driven anything. It hasn't come from this. Come from people themselves, and that's US nation. That here is kind of A. Find in a senator. To a problem they had, and it's not been driven by the experts. In fact, many of acres of very critical about expense. Because you know, there's opposition about how bad vaping funelled. Attended. dates distrust of expertise, but this is a consumer driven public health revolution I it smoke. House now, capital public without chemical agents. So there's two or three very interesting elements are themes in what you've just said, but before I. Get into those. Tell me why you how I suppose you sort it out the AIDS epidemic, and then you wanted another challenge. You moved into tobacco. Yes, in a way that I I didn't around two thousand ten documented to thousands of wedge into Public Health Advocacy for mentioned charge. SOM- reduction to international agencies, government, Bald done much as I introduced I hide people into that arena. Who came from? Human. Rights that you much more than I thought they could do it much longer. It's time to move on so around two thousand ten when I stopped during that word, I'd head a suit rights, and I thought well. This is interesting because up until now has really been the harm reduction solution fall smudging the idea that'd be flirted many years before. The only products which were available were. Nicotine replacement therapy products which as bargain. And Swedish snus or tobacco which Europe. With the arrival e cigarettes I just this is going to be there because you have sifi product a Sasia version of the drug and judging the drug. Sipho is her as you know whether it's for the. Drug or even without hope I mean. We have problems with his Jenkin Alcove enlisted. No, the stuff you drink is pretty good alkalinity sir. But YOU'RE NOT GONNA die from drenching the of culture from the corner shop. This is a favorite. Cleaning up, the product seems HBO Excellent Idea, and about that time. I started to make people who evaded message days for. Very issues, vipers..

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