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Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the influence of podcast so excited about today's episode, because we have a very well known blogger that so many of you have asked to have on the podcast today, and that is the amazing mom to be Taryn Newton. Taryn is a mom to almost four boys. She is also a fulltime blogger and she still runs a fulltime job. Both of which bring in six figures each I. I love this conversation because it really does show us the importance of consistency, and how we can actually make it all happen if we find the right balance for us, Taryn chairs. How after spending a few years blogging and not really seeing the results that she wanted how she pivoted her message, and re branded her brand and her blog to really focus on what she felt mattered most the importance of storytelling in our. Our content and how that helped her really grow and engaged following of community that that are really invested in her message, and what she shares her best tips for tools, content consistency and balancing it all. She shares why content calendar is a must have for any blogger. She also shares the biggest wins and challenges to her blogging career so far and exactly how she went from zero to fifty thousand dollars, blogging and under. Under one year loved this conversation as always. Terron is just so real so honest so authentic and I can't wait for you to hear it as well. Let's get to it, so wanted to pop in and let you know that the doors for pitch. It perfect are now open. picture-perfect perfect is the only program that teaches you how to move from side. Hustle defeat to paid brand labs all in less than one week. Pit. Perfect is a video based course that goes in depth about the process of brainstorming, pitching negotiating and landing paid brand deals. I teach my tried and tested method through videos, real life examples and more tactical strategies into blitz. They you could ever need. Pitch perfect has been around since two thousand and sixteen was the first of its kind, and is still growing strong today with over four thousand graduates in the program, and that is for a reason because it works. Now, why method always stands out above the rest is that I have a one of a kind background as a PR and marketing expert with over thirteen years working with and alongside the exact brands. You're trying to pitch and work with every day. You won't find my skill set in value randomly on the internet or other people trying to teach you what I actually created and mastered. By the time you complete the program, you'll understand who went when how to pitch effectively. You'll also how much you can charge how to discuss payment brands how to negotiate for more money and learn so much more than about to share with you, so it includes six overview packets with over three hundred pages of strategies and content over thirty pitch templates covering various topics that you can copy. tweak and use for DMZ. DMZ emails and so much more over fifty five brand pitch email threat examples that give you a behind the scenes examples from students and various niches, showing exactly how they landed a deal from the beginning to the end. You also get customizable press kit templates, a pitch report spreadsheet a sample contract template an invoice template you get twenty real life. Press examples ten real life elevator pitch examples in so much more. Now what I love about pitch. It perfect is that it takes just about three hours to get through in one setting. Because I'm here to get, you results fast not key stuck in. Paralysis with a bunch of content that is, it needed or necessary? I'm about results that actually lead to success and prophets. Because I know that's what you want, so if you do the work that is exactly what you're. GonNa..

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