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And I'm really drawn a blank. Here I would I would. I don't know out of all time I would say out of newer bands. Of course I'M GONNA go with uncle acid and the deadbeats because I think they're absolutely amazing and they don't get the attention of like a ghost but they don't have a stick like ghost does but I think like musically you know. They're they're far superior but and I love ghost but I think you know. Dick carries them along way and uncle asked. I think is amazing. Musically put on a great live show but for some reason at least in the states. They don't get the attention they deserve. It makes me think of another one in this abandoned that you turned me onto that freak in love. That's awesome that's newer. But they don't you know I don't know it's just tougher a rock band. Nowadays I guess but that Ban. I'm thinking of his orchid. Oh yeah great band. I turned my father-in-law to them. And he just freaking loves that band if you like Black Sabbath love Orca. D- yeah definitely. I'm waiting for them to put out a new album They just really haven't done anything. He keep hearing rumblings about a new album but I really think they hurt what momentum they did have 'cause it's been a while now put anything out and I'm afraid even when they if they do do something again they kind of lost a little bit of is that they were right around the same time is acid and ghost and all that coming out. And this resurgence of a retro type sound but while the rest of them keep going just taking their sweet ass time but yeah the great band. I'm going to go with Metal Church. I don't think they get enough love and I think it was a lot of lineup changes and things over the years but You Know First. Few albums amazing. And then they've come back around and the last Last few things they've done have been amazing to so cool medal shirt while surprisingly old for you just like my co host. Can I say you like them? Young just running. I took both these guys to a strip club here. Called barely legal. And they're both like a little long in the tooth when he was saying ron running also likes things that came out in the in the nineties. Mothers get a slander lawsuit for Machen. Wrong from that reminds me haven't yet definitely want to subscribe to Decibel TV especially in these times. I'm sure you're watching a lot of net flicks so you know rock and runs over there. Doing good stuff he's doing s. t. f. you tell smokey. Tv will be up until Rock and run runyon accidentally uploads something from personal files and he is also up for parole. Everybody you know right in and give them a good word. God okay. So we're done with all the questions. Let's give a final plug to Dams Linda Stresa Ika Ian. Go ahead It's the outlaws in podcast. Ika and Yeah we appreciate everybody's tuned in so far but we want some more listeners. Like the Mugere. You know. We're trying to get that mugere money you let we stole your gigs of the week. So you know everything bug it. I and Josh. Why don't you tell us where people find danger? You danger me danger. He knows you're making fun of him. Because that's a new kiss song kiss featuring Fred durst only for lucky. No the DIABLO's podcast. Podcast can be found anywhere. You find your fine podcast apple podcasts. Google play spot. If we're on spotify I don't know just what I've never heard of that. Yeah well it's it's one of the fastest growing podcast platforms out there. That seemed to knock off a few shows and they're the only reason we're still on spotify. Is Josh Plays Music so new? It hasn't even been released yet so we don't get sued. I don't know man. I just had to play. She looks like a foot or something like that. My Blue Star Colts of foot. She's as beautiful as a foot foot a real song. You don't know it into the latest episode of Diablo inbound again. You will find out yeah to me. Light it by the way this jam. Wow better than just priests where you're really winning over the listeners. Their boss in wrestling terms. I'm what's called the? He'll we invited you guys onto you. Know kind of get the word out about your podcast. But I think you're doing it all wrong. I don't know though I mean the show already had a he'll before it changed names. If I'm all about the Muslim wronging I go. I mean I don't what I'm saying. All right awesome wall was good. Have you guys on with us as always I WANNA do a little experiment and it goes good? Josh you come back on try it again but in would you mind sticking around with me for a moment helped me out. No problem awesome. Josh is good. Talk to you man. We'll break down that cigarette lemonade and brownies. Soon she sounds good. All right. You guys ready to play the game. What are we doing? I don't even know you're GONNA love this. Hang on let me bring up whiny okay. So you know it's time of you know self quarantine everybody's praxis social distancing and everything and he kind of stuck the house and your mind starts rambling. So I decided I was going to create my very own. Guys are GonNa love this because you're the first two contestants on ABC's Rock and roll game show. Yeah are you excited to be here? Yes Sir all right. Here's how it's going to go. Eleven rock and Roll Trivia questions. They're multiple choice. You get four choices for the answer. So player one will be Chris Player. Two will be in so when I asked the question. I'm not going to reveal the choices player to will get the choice to bet against player one so for example. Let's run through a sample one here. I made it real easy one for you so I would say okay Chris your question. We know Anton figures the drummer on kisses dynasty and unmasked albums and as a member of frailties comet. But he's probably best known as the drummer for the band of this. Tv show hosts show so then at that point. Since it's your question in I will turn to you and say you WanNa bet against them now. Ian Doesn't know the choices. Chris doesn't know the multiple choices so Chris than in you decide and say during away. Chris knows that so if Chris gets it right he gets a point. You Bet against him and he gets it right. He gets two points if you bet against him and he gets it wrong. You get a point. I think I think I got this worked outright. I might be complicating things. So get can't do the over under that. He'll get it right but being polack hill spell the name wrong mispronouncing. I'm sorry can't accept that Lerman so then at this I'll give any him at this point you'd say okay Chris. I bet against you Chris and I would say okay. I request again. Choices are David Letterman Conan. O'brien cj Leno or Johnny Carson. So you would choose the correct answer and then you get two hundred points or two points. Let's just keep twos so you get two points so then it becomes ends turn and it goes the same way but opposite got it. Yeah I get it but I just WanNa make sure you know you're not going to give your co host a softball question. No because it's all at random this fair you know. I asked him where the clitorises you know. I did a chance here. Last time I checked I was married in. You're in that's right because I'm smarter. Okay all right so those are the rules. You guys ready to play. Yes okay so for the very first question and this one goes to Chris. Don't answer yet question number one in one thousand nine hundred seventy one. Fog Hat was formed in London by three former members of which banned so andy. Thank Chris knows the answer to that. No okay so now we go back to Chris. Your choices are a Steppenwolf in wolf be big brother and the Holding Company see Savoie Brown or D. Wild Cherry. I would say see Savoy Brown that is correct and so in you bet against Chris and he got it. Anyhow Chris. That's two points totally guest. Now see that I knew the answer. God Damn Yeah Nice all right. Well now it's your turn. This is one. I bet you. Chris wishes he would got Allan. Schwartzberg is a drummer known for playing on. Gene Simmons. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy eight solo album. He also played drums on albums for all of the following except Christie. Thinking is going to get this. You WanNa bet against them against all right Chris. Betting against in in the choices are a Peter Chris. Be Jimi Hendrix. See Alice Cooper or D. Meatloaf Get the choices again. Because I missed the letters Peter Chris at A. B. Jimi hendrix seeds in Hendricks. I'm sorry that's incorrect. Allan Schwartzberg did indeed appear on Jimi Hendrix album. The answer was D- meatloaf how Chris Bet against you and you got it wrong so he gets another point dam. You're getting your ass kicked already. We're just on question number two and I hope the people at home listening are playing along all right. So let's see here okay. So then we go back to Chris for question number three before joining ugly kid. Joe In nineteen ninety one basis Cordell Crockett was eroded. For which banned in you think he knows the answer. Now all right Ian Ben Against you Chris. Choices are.

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