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Put up the numbers. I think that he expected them to. But yeah you know what. I wanna do stuff like this year. So we're not gonna play the clip of view predicting that bengals upset because have to be. We don't wanna have to live up to our fix we. We're not wasn't it up. They go out there. And then we're done with if people are placing bets based on. What we think is going to happen in sports. They might want to reevaluate their lives. They deserve it was pretty good at the whole handicapping thing for a few years and then i tell you just as a fan of a team. I got upset playing fantasy football. I didn't want to be part of that. That culture and You know not really. That much of a gambler were in. Vegas will throw a couple of bucks some futures You know there's a game that we can watch you know. Vegas is a very different place. I've right now. Obviously because i hate to keep circling back to this fight. Cove ed But you know we're not gambling people are. I don't like the gambling culture either. I don't like people that. Are you know charles. Barkley came out and said that he's mad at nick chubb for going out of bounds. 'cause you know fairly he had browns minus four and a half Last sunday You know i'll like that. I i want to enjoy sports just being sports. I don't need that incentive of of the habit of a degenerated And i know that this business. You know not just sports but sports talk radio. Mix killing on promoting gambling. But that's just that's not my style. And i doubt it's yours. No you see me. I played some slots If i have enough adult beverages. I might pick a number on a roulette wheel. But that's the extent of my gambling Source goal regular shield. Wrigley field got I guess they applied for like seven years ago. They got approved today for national historic landmark certification which i was really excited about and then discovered that there's twenty six hundred of them. Some of them are parks. Some of them are small businesses but a fair amount of them are like croquet clubs. We're like racquet ball places. There's all sorts of historic national historic landmarks. Gaz looking at the state of illinois. You got the Illinois state fairgrounds track. Which is you know probably in springfield because state fairgrounds said to be in the capital of the state sounds right. I mean it's just kind of spread out obviously the racquet club of chicago. Soldier field The those are going to be places that you can find in chicago proper Illinois's were spread out all over the state. And just for you know just for laughs. I pulled up the ohio. Wasn't i think we only had nine. But i thought ohio had like thirty eight thirteen cincinnati gymnasium and athletic club. Cincinnati tennis club by the way cincinnati councilman was looks like he's going to be indicted on corruption charges so boobs corruption in ohio. It's it's not just for youngstown. And cleveland it doesn't just stick into chicago police into everything. What oh cuyahoga county cleveland. Trouble county youngstown. They've all had their share of Elected officials that are on the local khalil. Cleveland Car ad cities corrupt. You know what. I'm talking all right. I do shaker heights for billiard. Yeah they sing all these city names. Yeah it's like a family. Got joke judy. Right guy miss baseball so much League far is no more but the baseball heritage museum sits on land. That once sat at ohio stadium columbus rockwell field. In can't ask. I don't know didn't hang out there. No i didn't Selby field a lot of islas were in delaware. Ohio is a little north columbus specifically the campus of ohio. Wesleyan suspect ohio. Wesleyan has something to do with recordkeeping. That know they have three of the thirteenth spots in ohio. Santa to look up where delaware was on a map dot not the state of delaware but the city of delaware that resides within the state of ohio. Not the judge that gets attacked by russia regularly but georgia the state in the united states. That's right right so what are okay so we. We had a college football talk on on the horizon. You brought it up You brought it up to me beforehand. We haven't gotten to it but yeah the last question. I was gonna ask you by. Tell me things. I was too lazy to read. Or you know how you feel about things. Michigan one in three is taken out a one three rutgers this weekend saturday hall. I mean if he gets a w. right he finally gets one one more. W you know shadows back there at rutgers so they have a chance to to get back you know they. They've they really haven't been successful since he left. And they were only successful when he was there You know failed running the nfl. He ends up You know he has a tight end tight end with the jerry. Sandusky scandal inappropriately. I mean the behavior jerry. Sandusky was inappropriately was inappropriate obvious obviously paternal looking. The other way was problematic foot. He didn't get the tennessee because they loved him in and he didn't have that crossover. Really have any liability in sandusky. So put up a bunch of points against the team that he just left his as a defensive coach. Know so You know they should be able to score some points. I don't think michigan is loose rockers. Wanted forbath go topic that we should talk to you. Talk about on. This would be our boss at it will get on the other side. She's jeff territory. It.

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